TYT 12.5.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. Jimmy Dore is hanging out in the Peanut Gallery. When it comes to marijuana legalization, 51% of the country are in favor vs. 44% against. 66% under the age of 30 are in favor. Cenk reiterates that we are a progressive country. 57% think that undocumented immigrants should be allowed to stay and have a path to citizenship. John Sununu is back out there talking about how and why Romney lost the election. He claimed that Obama’s base that are dependent on government came out in strong numbers. Harry Reid and Dems are pursuing real filibuster reform so that Republicans won’t be able to filibuster without really filibustering. John Boehner has vowed to not even vote on every single bill that the Senate passes if Reid pushes this through.

Segment 2
The Jobs Czar for Rick Scott in Florida had some past problems with his company that was doing well before it went under. When the company was gone, he went after unemployment benefits despite the fact that he got a nice severance package and was already worth lots of money. All while he was collecting this $25,000 worth of unemployment cash, he took a trip to Europe. He explained his selfish move in a very “matter of a fact” manner. He even claimed that collecting unemployment gave him a better understanding of the department’s goals. Since understanding the system, he’s implemented changes that makes collecting unemployment unnecessarily difficult for regular people. Liz Fowler is a perfect example of the revolving door problem in DC. She went from working for Max Baucus in the healthcare field to lobbying for a healthcare company, back to working for Baucus, to the White House, to becoming Johnson & Johnson’s top lobbyist. Video of Fox & Friends outraged by MSNBC hosts being invited to the White House.

Segment 3
After Blackwater’s negative attention brought bad PR, they changed their name several times to no avail. One former member revealed much more of their dirty deeds. Despite all of this, they just got a no-bid contract in Afghanistan for $22 million. NATO led forces killed 3 kids ranging from ages 8-12 years old in a targeted attack. We confirmed that killing kids like these is a policy of ours, targeting children with potential hostile intent.