TYT 12.4.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. After 52% of Republicans believed ACORN stole the election for Obama in 2008, a new poll of Republicans showed that 49% of them believe ACORN stole the election for Obama in 2012!! Little did they realize that since Conservatives lambasted ACORN so much in ‘08, it folded in 2010, so it doesn’t even exist now in 2012 for them to ‘steal’ this one, too. Audio tapes of a Fox News Chief reporter relaying messages on behalf of Roger Ailes to General Petraeus. They spoke about strategy and choosing him as the next Republican candidate. Roger Ailes denied that he was serious about trying to bring Petraeus into the race. He also threw his chief reporter MacFarlane under the bus. Karl Rove and Dick Morris have been put under limited availability to appear on Fox after their debacles before and during the election. A memo went out that they can only be put on a show if it is specifically approved by the top.

Segment 2
Fox War on Christmas. VIDEOS, mostly of Bill O’Reilly and David Silverman. Rush Limbaugh VIDEO saying that liberalism has damaged American families.

Segment 3
Fiscal Cliff negotiations. VIDEO of Obama interview talking about negotiations. Conservatives angry that Boehner is conceding too much. Heritage Foundation report. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Manchin put on the Senate Banking Committee. Jan Brewer is missing. Republicans in the Senate fail to deliver votes for a treaty that would protect disabled. Chris Christie now wants money from the Federal government.