TYT 12.3.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. KC Chiefs player Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend before killing himself in front of his head coach. Videos of Bob Costas addressing the gun issues in our country at halftime of Sunday Night Football. Video of Fox & Friends disputing Costas’ words. Video of Bryan Fischer and a guest talking about how it is wrong to not use the gift of oil from God. Sheldon Adelson was reported to have dished $150 million into the election to get his interests passed. He is worried about being vilified in legal proceedings in his other dirty dealings. Cenk hypothesizes that Adelson purposefully allowed this story to be leaked to the media so that all of the Republican tools he’s bought will be on notice to protect him if he’s targeted by elected officials for his illegal activity.

Segment 2
President Obama is negotiating like a progressive with stonewalling conservatives. He and other Democrats are openly realizing that conceding without any real stance hasn’t been working. Videos of Tim Geithner defending the Obama Admin offer with Chris Wallace. John Boehner finally proposed something today, in response. Their offer includes a $200 billion tax break for the richest in lower tax rates. They also want means testing for Medicare and other changes that those recipients openly reject.

Segment 3
Bad news on climate change. The proposed goal to keep carbon emissions down to avoid being screwed isn’t being adhered to. Audio of Nate Silver talking trash to Politico over their disbelief in his assessment of the polls leading up to the election. NewsCorp is closing down a magazine called The Daily, that was only available on iPads if customers paid without knowing anything about it. Cenk points out that you have to give people something in order to make them want to buy it. They spent $30 million/year on this publication.