TYT 11.30.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk, John Iadarola, & Mark Thompson hosting. King Con segment outlines a blogger that took issue with Cenk calling people looking to secede from the country after Obama win reelection ‘Un American.’ Videos of Republicans losing their minds over Obama’s proposal on making a deal. Eric Cantor called it unserious and that they plan to stay serious. Boehner continued to waffle on his stance while bashing Obama’s. Videos of Krauthammer advising Republicans to walk away from the deal. Joe Scarborough also said he would walk out, insulted. Video of Rep Ted Poe calling Obama’s plan an act of a monarch.

Segment 2
Video of Republicans accusing Obama of raiding Medicare during the election, claiming they will protect it. Now that they lost and they can be truthful again, they’re advocating cutting Medicare and many other entitlements in order to have tax cuts for the rich. Details behind the extremely inhumane conditions Bradley Manning is being held in. The world is melting faster than we previously believed. In response, we’ve leased all the explorable leases of the Gulf of Mexico. Ironically, they held the auction at the SuperDome in New Orleans.