TYT 11.30.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Crystal Ball came to notoriety after embarrassing photos of her put her in a negative light. The pictures were of her at a party when she was younger. Cenk and Ana don’t see the scandalous nature of the pictures. Cenk thinks this “scandal” helped her tremendously in the end. Racist postings about Asian students were found across UCLA’s campus. A judge in Nevada is denying same sex rights, claiming that there is no need for protections for gay citizens due to their power. An aspiring model went missing, and investigators discovered photos of her on a Las Vegas escort site, assuming she was found. It turns out that the escort service took her pictures from her online source. Leesburg, VA is in a dispute over nativity scenes on government property. The man in charge called the Atheists terrorists.

Segment 2
A NYPD officer was photographed giving a homeless man a pair of boots and food. Salon.com came out to remind everyone that the New York Police Dept isn’t a good & just organization to minorities and the homeless. Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic may be forced out commission. Middle Eastern men are going to surgery to get moustache transplants. These men that can’t grow a really full moustache are embarrassed.