TYT 11.29.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. Latest on the Hostess debacle. The top executives are asking for $1.8 million bonuses after driving the company into bankruptcy while they laid off all 18,500 workers. Details of the money they hoarded for themselves while making their employees barely get by on meager salaries.

Segment 2
Louis Gohmert is at it again. He claimed that Obama ousted Qaddafi so that Al Qaeda could take over Libya. He also declared that the Obama Admin is getting advice from the Muslim Brotherhood. Romney’s Chief Strategist wrote an op-ed claiming that since Romney won the vote of the richest voters, he won the votes that really counted. Video of Tom Davis talking about the “Underclass voter” came out in full effect. Stuart Stevens went on CBS This Morning to backpedal from his hateful op-ed. The case to eliminate our bad policy of indefinite detentions. Sen Rand Paul, Sen Feinstein, and others led the charge.

Segment 3
Palestine has gained a new status at the UN that threatens Israel, as they could eventually be held responsible for war crimes. Only 9 countries voted against them, including United States and Canada. The Obama Admin is actually negotiating from a Progressive stance. The bad news is that they seem to be wholeheartedly listening to the CEOs they met with. Cenk predicts that the capital gains rate will change, but slightly.