TYT 11.28.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Update on the columnist for FoxNews.com about women no longer being women. She backpedaled after outrage ensued. An unarmed Black teenager was shot and killed by a man in Florida after the shooter complained to the car full of guys that their music was too loud. His lawyer’s defense was that the car was full of Black guys, so naturally, her client was threatened and claimed self defense. The Supreme Court has denied hearing the case about denying citizens the right to record the police in action. This leaves the lower court’s decision to allow filming the cops in place.

Segment 2
Video of Rick Warren talking about regardless of whether or not being gay is natural, people shouldn’t act on it. Rick Warren went on HuffPost Live to follow up on his comments from Piers’ show. Talk about the harmless nature of sexual fetishes. A retired naval captain wrote a disapproving letter to his adult kids that are living lives he’s not happy with. Angus Jones, the kid from Two and a Half Men, has apologized for bashing the show and urging people to stop watching it. The letter was obviously written by publicists. A botched butt-implant video. Don’t watch it.