TYT 11.28.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. Videos of Bill O’Reilly and his guest trying to break down Gangnam Style. Videos of CNBC hosts grilling Rep Grijalva on his stance in favor of the Middle Class regarding taxes. After Republicans continue to deny they have something against women, the reality shows that their House Committee chairs have zero women holding them.

Segment 2
Republican Rep Ralph Hall spoke out against science and global warming in general. The new head of the Science Committee, Rep Lamar Smith is no better. Video of Think Progress reporters asking Democratic Rep Heath Shuler about his plans to become a lobbyist, which he consistently denied. He just signed up to become the top lobbyist for Duke Energy even though he’s not out of Congress just yet. We’ve been underestimating the danger of drones, as our Middle East enemies have access to drones as well. These could be game changing developments.

Segment 3
It turns out that younger voters (under 30) won the election for Obama. Cenk credits TYT with these voters. If these voters hadn’t turned out, Romney would’ve won 50-48. It looks like Social Security is coming off of the negotiating table.