TYT 11.27.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
John Boehner visited by 7 naked protesters against budget cuts.
Top advisor to the President David Plouffe says they want to get lower rates for the wealthy and they are going to cut entitlement programs.
Grover Norquist goes plays bad cop and goes after republicans.
Warren Buffett says if you make over $1 you should pay at least 30% in taxes.
Segment 2
Obama talks about civil liberties in 2008, “sometimes we don’t always have the right person”… what about Guantanamo Bay & Signature Drone Strikes?
Jim Greer said they have to cut down on early voting so Republicans can win.
Segment 3
Scott Desjarlais says he didn’t give enough thought on abortions…>2 abortions and >4 mistresses later.
Toure tries to make an attack on McCain and makes it about race.
Fire in Bangladesh that was making products for WalMart kills 129 people, no fire extinguishers, they locked exits, managers told workers to get back to work. Fox news says it’s not WalMart’s fault and don’t hate on the American dream of capitalism.
French are backing Palestinians status in UN.
5 year old sex tape in China with Lee Zeng Fu and 18 year old girl, they bundled the contract with the girl, then tried to blackmail Lee, he fights back.