TYT 11.20.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Sam Schacher joins Ana and John for SCS. Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo has resigned from Sesame Street after his accuser recanted his recantation of accusing Clash of having underaged sex with him. Another accuser came out with the same allegations. John doesn’t think the consensual relationship between a 16 year old and adult should be illegal. The charges on the 14 year old girl being prosecuted for burning the Koran have been dropped. A Christian atty has been charged with child sexual charges. The attorney is affiliated with a group that declares family values. Discussion of some judges punishing the convicted with embarrassing acts.

Segment 2
Bill O’Reilly responded to Jon Stewart for bashing him for lamenting over the end of “traditional American voters.” A Texas woman has been convicted of neglect after leaving children unattended at her daycare when a fire broke out due to a pan left burning on the stove. The fire killed 4 of the kids. Discussion over how the punishment should come down. Blog about how Facebook has become a disaster show. Obama posed in the “not impressed” stance with McKayla Maroney at the White House.