TYT 11.20.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Ana and John Iadarola hosting. Latest on the Israeli conflict. Hillary Clinton will go to the conflicted area to work for peace. Videos of the Deputy National Security Advisor talking about the objectives of the mission there. Ana was discomforted by the way Ben Rhodes worded the objective of protecting Israel from rocket fire, ignoring their part in triggering the fight. Video of Anderson Cooper being startled by a huge explosion while reporting in Israel. Stats gathered by CREW shows that 70% of retired generals take jobs as defense contractors or consultants. Potential of robots making the decisions on the battlefield; deciding who to kill.

Segment 2
Talk about relationships with robots to replace women. Jesus is on board, sexually. Very simple solutions for our Social Security “crisis” that President Obama doesn’t seem to be embracing. John notices that Obama’s tour of the country to push his progressive plan in opposition to Republicans is another indication that he’s in favor of it. Videos of Allen West talking about his concession to Patrick Murphy after fighting the results. Ana can see where he’s coming from in wanting a recount since the race was so close. Bill O’Reilly is hung up on the notion that Obama was reelected due to “stuff” that was promised to lazy minorities. Rand Paul’s interview with ABC about his stances on taxes and compromise after Obama’s reelection.