TYT 11.19.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
John and Lisa for SCS stories. Video of a NASA scientist debunking the ridiculous predictions of the end of the world in December. A study on women’s experiences with abortions. Study shows that people are evolving to be more dumb. A new product called Alpha Nail sells nail polish for men. Their promotional pictures have the men surrounded by hot women or as manly men that fight.

Segment 2
Video of a potential burglar getting beaten up and let go by the man he was trying to rob. LAPD pointed out that he also left every bit of evidence you could leave. After saying that, it turns out the police haven’t caught him yet. A NY prosecutor has admitted that he used to be a ‘70s porn star. An underaged boy convicted of drunk driving avoided full manslaughter charges partially by being sentenced to go to church. A woman that pled guilty to felony assault in hitting police officers with her car has to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for 3 officers as punishment. The science of morning wood. Hank came in 3rd in the Virginia Senate race last election. Video of the political video for the candidate, which turned out to be a cat.