TYT 11.19.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
John Iadarola and Lisa Ferguson hosting today. Republicans are having to distance themselves from Romney’s “gifts” comments after he lost the election. Marco Rubio told GQ Magazine that he’s not sure how old the Earth is because, he’s not a scientist. Republicans are still holding the Violence Against Women’s Act hostage right after the election. The owner of an Arizona gun store is refusing to sell guns to anyone that voted for Obama.

Segment 2
Some Republican groups that have stances in favor of abortion rights and gay rights are trying to come to the forefront and be influential on the Party in the wake of the last election. Video of Nancy Pelosi declaring that it would be unacceptable to not raise tax rates on the richest. Although John Boehner and Republicans are speaking in terms of accommodating and compromising on taxes, their real intent is to keep the same hard line on taxes. Video of Scott Walker claiming that Republican governors balanced their budgets while keeping taxes lower. Video of John McCain advocating that we send President Clinton over to negotiate the conflict in the Middle East. CNN poll showed that 57% of Americans think Israel is justified in their killing of Palestinians. Video of Brian Kilmeade telling a caller to his radio show that Fox News hires its female anchors like Alisyn Camerota by flipping through Victoria’s Secret.