TYT 11.16.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk and Ben for SCS. Cenk tells the story of a language barrier with a Latino cleaning lady, and wondering if he should’ve told her “Thank You” or “Gracias.” WalMart workers are planning a strike on Black Friday. Inmates are filing a lawsuit against a private prison for cutting guards and using other inmates for attacks on rival gangs. A police chief in Sarasota Springs is in trouble for brushing a violent rape under the rug.

Segment 2
A teenager has been sentenced to 1 year in prison for impersonating a doctor’s assistant after his paperwork was botched to give him the title. Instead of pointing out the problem, he went ahead and worked for a month as an assistant until he was caught. Parents of a 16 year old in NY are in trouble for hiring strippers for their kid’s birthday party. A schoolbook in India characterizes people that eat meat as dishonest, nefarious people. Hostess is filing for bankruptcy and will probably go out of business. In reality, the company will be bought out by another and Twinkies will still exist.