TYT 11.16.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk, Ben, and John Iadarola hosting. More and more people are beginning to believe in climate change after Hurricane Sandy. Also, many Americans are against the Keystone Pipeline as the answer to our energy needs.

Segment 2
Audio of Romney’s conf call where he made his comments about Obama promising gifts to minorities in order to get elected. He also said that Dems should just run on free dental care in 2016. Video of Chris Christie disagreeing with Romney’s comments about gifts. Talk about whether or not Christie truly backed Romney during the campaign. The man that sent half naked pics to Jill Kelley has been identified. The picture had him in between two fighting dummies w/o shirts on. He was known for sending joke pictures like this to many people, including this email. TYT rules a full pardon on the controversy of his shirtless email.

Segment 3
Georgia State Senate Republican convened to discuss a potential plot by Obama & the UN to create a mind-control state. Israel is mobilizing and drafting 10s of thousands of people in light of the recent conflicts that are flaring.