TYT 11.15.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Story of Chinese broadcasting students in the office for a visit. FDA reports that the energy drink 5-hour Energy could be a factor in some deaths.

Segment 2
Republican from American Family Association said some stupid things about Hispanic voters. He says Mexicans are socialist and that’s the reason they vote for Democrats. California has the highest poverty rate in the US, at 23%. Air Force released sexual abuse report; sexual abuse is widespread. Comparing media coverage of the sexual abuse scandal to Petraeus affair. Discussion of monogamy and affairs. Scientists are exploring a hormone that could have impact on monogamy. Oxytocin.

Segment 3
Freedom from Religion Foundation suing IRS for refusing to pursue churches which get involved in politics. PETA hired a model to do racy ad. Florida teacher had sex with a foreign exchange student. Cenk updates on his 5-hour Energy status.