TYT 11.14.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. Mitt Romney gave his reasons that they lost while on a conference call today. He felt that it was because Obama gave gifts to Blacks, Latinos, and young women. Giveaways like health care. Although we dont have to talk about Romney ever again, Cenk realizes that after seeing this, that he hates Mitt. Videos of Obama at his 1st press conference since being re-elected. Cenk is very skeptical of his intentions even though a lot of it sounded great and makes his case for why Obama will end up screwing over the voters that supported him. CNBC reporters are pointing out that tenants of Romney’s plan are forming in the Obama Admin.

Segment 2
Now that the Republicans got their asses kicked on election day, they are suddenly open to new immigration rules that treat immigrants like humans. Video of Hannity’s evolution on it. Lindsay Graham has also pursued a bipartisan bill on immigration reform. Although Pres Obama didnt do much for immigration reform in his 1st term, he is all over it now. Latin American countries that we hate like Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela have a thriving Middle Class due to their policies of spreading opportunity to poor people as well. Dave Koller joins us “from Bolivia” to talk about this. Pizza Man Papa John has complained of Prez Obama’s healthcare plan, claiming it would severely affect his pizza prices or his employees’ paychecks. His 2 million pizza giveaway with Peyton Manning would cost him nearly $32 million, but he claims he can’t afford to offer his workers healthcare.