TYT 11.14.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk for SCS. After Colorado and Washington passed initiatives allowing marijuana to be used casually, the War on Drugs discussion is highlighted again. Videos of Luke Russert asking Nancy Pelosi if her old age is holding other younger people back from leadership positions. Cenk is confused about whether its more ageist or sexist to ask that question. A woman in Ireland died due to her miscarriage at 17 weeks along in her pregnancy. Doctors there refused to perform an abortion b/c the baby still had a heartbeat. In the end, both baby and mother died from complications.

Segment 2
A man was arrested after his therapist revealed to authorities that he planned to kill a bunch of elementary school kids and eventually the President. He had fantasies of being a mass murderer and took the primary steps to carry out his plan. Uganda is mulling over giving a “gift” of giving homosexuality crimes prison time instead of the norm of death.

Segment 3
Israel has launched a huge strikeback in the Gaza Strip for some Israelis being hurt from a hit by Hamas. Video of an example of this, where Hamas military chief was assassinated in his car. Israeli defense forces are sending taunting messages through social media.