TYT University – November 13, 2012

Co-Hosted by John Iadarola and Lisa Ferguson. Highlights: TYTU heads into outer space for a heavily SCI-FI themed episode. We’ve got university inventions including tractor beams, invisibility cloaks, and hamburgers in space! Also, the most oddly homophobic lesbian newspaper article ever, 10 clever ways to cheat on tests, and major credit card mistakes to avoid.

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  1. akai454 says

    They should name that last cheating scheme (Writing All Over Their Arm), That one should be named “THE SARAH PALIN” Cheating Strategy ( and some thing with “Monster Trucks” to compare the difference between her writing on her hand for a press conference, and writing all over the arm being like a “Cheating Monster Truck – Palin Style” for important things).

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