TYT 11.8.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana on Reddit. Brandt, son of billionaire, joked about killing Obama. Measure B passed in Los Angeles, forcing porn stars to use condoms during sex. Occupy Wall Street is helping the victims of Sandy more than the Red Cross. Story of a disputed abuse case.

Segment 2
YouTube posted a video about her father sexually abusing her as a child. Men who had sex with a stroke patient. VIDEO. CEO of RyanAir has been outspoken about seat belts on planes. His agenda is to have standing room only in planes. We Love our Health is asking men to look down to see if they can see their penis, as an obesity check.

Segment 3
Man in Tennessee confessed to murder in 2009 on his death bed, but he didn’t die, so he had to face trial now. An art director and ad man died at age 52 of cancer, wrote a diary, and confessed that he worked too hard and it wasn’t worth it. Bucket lists.