TYT 11.7.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. The theme for todays show is “What Now?” Videos of Conservatives being very sure that Romney would win. The press wants to be sure not to call this devastating win a mandate even though they called Bush’s close win a mandate. Videos of Dick Morris’ horrific predictions of a Mitt Romney landslide. He explained that he was wrong this morning b/c he didn’t expect Blacks, Latinos, young people, and women to vote. Krauthammer declared that Obama has no kind of mandate, despite his big victory. Before the election, Scarborough said that anyone that doesn’t think the race is a toss up is an ideologue. Videos of Romney’s and President Obama’s concession and Victory speeches.

Segment 2
Video of Sarah Palin talking about how perplexing it was to see the American people vote against them. Karl Rove got upset at the Fox News prognosticators for calling the race “prematurely.” Videos of Rove talking to Stuart Varney about why Romney lost the race. Latino voters went with Obama in very large numbers and shifted the swing states in his favor. Video of Bill O’Reilly comparing the current voting block of Blacks, Latinos, & women to those of the past, “traditional America” that would’ve voted Romney over Obama easily.

Segment 3
Cenk goes through the line of loser Tea Party candidates like Allen West & Joe Walsh.