TYT 11.5.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today. Election day is tomorrow! The latest polls have President Obama leading. Video of all the senseless confidence Republicans have that Romney will win. Brit Hume and Chris Wallace are perplexed by the polls showing that Obama is leading. Cenk points out that polls haven’t been illustrating the real way 3rd Party candidates can change the election.

Segment 2
Video of all of the excuses that Romney supporters are giving if he loses. They are preparing to put the blame on anything else except for the fact that their Party’s agenda sucks. Mitt Romney also predicted that we will have another recession if Obama is reelected. Erick Erickson has written that he’ll be ok with either Obama or Romney winning because the world is going to hell anyway. He outlines that he believes both the Left and the Right think things are going to be devastatingly bad for opposite reasons. Republicans in Ohio and Florida are engaging in voter suppression in Black and Latino areas.

Segment 3
68% of Republicans believe in demonic possession, while only 48% of them believe in climate change. Overall, 37% believe in ghosts and 57% believe in demonic possession. Cenk goes over the intriguing state races for Senate. Cenk gives his predictions on which states each candidate will carry along with the electoral numbers. He also reveals who he will vote for since he once considered voting for a 3rd Party candidate in the solid Blue state of California.