TYT 11.2.12 Hour 2

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Hour 2
Segment 1
Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Despite the hurricane, the NY Marathon will still take place. Cenk and Ana think that they should simply reschedule. A model has decided to go out and take pictures in the middle of the hurricane’s destruction. A Secret Service agent was exposed by another agent for having a secret affair with a woman in Mexico. This pushed him to committing suicide. Studies show that porn actors in Los Angeles area have more STDs than prostitutes in Nevada.

Segment 2
A pastor is advocating that his congregation has more sex in order to save our nation. Pharmacies are trying to perfect the female version of Viagra in a nasal mist form. Its supposed to help with female orgasmic dysfunction. Obesity in the UK has gotten so bad that some patients can’t fit on the MRI machines, so they’re borrowing the ones from the zoo.

Segment 3
Some activists are arguing that the Minnesota Timberwolves are “too White.” Researchers conducted a study to see if math causes pain. A woman claims that a police officer was so aggressive in arresting her that he ruptured one of her breast implants. Aerosmith and Steven Tyler went on Today Show and called it GMA before calling the audience Crazy Fucks.