TYT 11.2.12 Hour 1

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Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk, Michael Shure, and John Iadarola hosting. Jobs numbers are promising from October, but unemployment is up to 7.9%. Shure predicts that Obama will win big on Tuesday, 313-215. Video of Chris Matthews going after climate change deniers by calling them pigs. Michael thinks that Matthews is getting sick of how he’s labeled by Republicans. The Five on Fox are trying to link the gas station lines after Sandy to Obama. They consistently called it “Jimmy Carter-esque.”

Segment 2
Climate Change ad that features Romney making fun of Obama’s pledge to stop the rise of the oceans. A pro-Republican PAC’s ad trying to convince Black Americans that the Republican Party is in favor of them over the Democratic Party. Video of Todd Akin’s ad featuring two women that claim to support him b/c of he’s a great guy. Michael Moore and MoveOn’s ad featuring elderly people cussing about Republicans trying to steal the election.