The Young Turks

  • TYT Hour 1 May 27, 2016

    TYT Hour 1 May 27, 2016

    Cenk interviews Senator Bernie Sanders. They discuss superdelegates and how they are part of the anointment process. Sanders explains why his campaign isn’t interested in using Hillary’s email and FBI investigation issues against herr. Discussion about whether or not Joe Biden will enter the race if/when Hillary gets indicted. Cenk wonders why Bernie isn’t attacking Hillary Clinton even harder. Bernie ...

  • TYT Hour 2 May 27, 2016

    TYT Hour 2 May 27, 2016

    Power Panel of Cenk, Ben, John, and Jimmy. TYT’s proposed debate between Trump and Sanders. President Obama’s trip to Hiroshima. Trump’s energy plan. Video of Donald Trump from 1990s. Louis Gohmert’s homophobic comments. One of the Bundy militia members is complaining from jail that his right to freedom of speech is being limited by recordings. He also complained that his ...

  • TYT Post Game May 27, 2016

    TYT Post Game May 27, 2016

    Steve, Malcolm, and Dave host today’s post game. Steve talks about his experiences at the Oslo Freedom Forum representing TYT. He also shares his favorite moments from Norway. Malcolm discusses the attacks on Chevron’s offshore activities in Nigeria. Dave talks about Cenk’s Youtube video ripping into David Brooks. The three of them play TTOTB: Totally True or Totally Bullshit.

  • Bernie Speech in Irvine

    Bernie Speech in Irvine

    Jimmy Dore reports from the Bernie Sanders rally in Irvine, CA. Watch Bernie rally for Native American rights to health insurance.

TYT Classics

  • TYT Classics: Buy Me Shoes

    TYT Classics: Buy Me Shoes

    Ana and Cenk watch an old TYT clip of Ana’s social experiment. Ana explains how she got a random guy to buy her shoes at the mall. Fun fact, this was Ana’s first official appearance on camera. Ben, Cenk, and Ana discuss the pros and cons of having an Amazon wishlist.

Cenk and Bernie

  • Bernie Rally

    Bernie Rally

    Cenk gives the opening speech at the Bernie Sanders rally. He explains to the crowd why Sanders is the right candidate for the presidency. He calls out the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton for both their hypocrisy and bias.