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Hi TYT Friends,

We’re taking TYT Meetups to the NEXT LEVEL!

We’d like to announce a friendly competition between TYT cities. Get together and earn points as a group. Meetup, take pictures, play trivia, create a sigil, and more! You will earn points with every activity. The group with the most points by our next anniversary (2/14/15) wins!

Anywhere in the world, Cenk & Ana will come meetup with you!


How do you participate? You have lots of options =)

Go to to look for a meetup near you.  Events are being posted under the calendar in the ‘Events’ tab.  OR look for your city below – click on the link to sign up for your mailing list so that your Bannerman can keep you posted on meetups.  You can also pin yourself you our TYT Nation map by filling out the form below – check out our TYT Nation map at


Don’t see your city? Volunteer to be a Bannerman! by emailing me at [email protected]!

=) Jeni

TYT Community Ambassador


Let the games begin!
Host a TYT Meetup = 100pts
–       Each person who attends = 10pts
–       Each non-TYT friend that you bring to the meetup = 15pts
–       Update Community Forum & upload PDF of signin sheet (20pts)
–       Post meetups announcements  = 20 pts
–       Upload awesome event pictures. EXTRA for TYT swag! = 75pts max
–       Watch TYT Live at your meetup = 100pts

Tag TYT logo on as many social media account thumbnails as you can = 50pts each

Jump in = 100pts
Create an event in = 50pts
Bannerman creates local TYT Facebook Group = 100pts
Bannerman introduction on Community Forum = 25pts
Your group creates a awesome sigil to represent = 100pts
Submit pictures from previous meetups (up to 100pts)

Special Points Category:
Getting TYT mentioned on LIVE TV = 1000pts +
Getting TYT mentioned in a paper = 500pts +
Posting a TYT Banner on a blog = 100pts +

OFFICIAL TYT BANNERMEN The following cities already have bannermen who’ve started groups! If you don’t see your city listed that means no one has volunteered yet. Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested. Or pin yourself on our TYT Nation map and we’ll contact you when someone volunteers


Los Angeles , California : Bryan Newton & Dan Evans-Nakamura

Orange County , California : Jeanette Tovali & Fitzroy House
Check out: TYT Orange County Facebook group

San Diego , California : Alberto O.

San Francisco , California : Manish Sharma
Check out: TYT San Francisco page

Stamford , Connecticut : Christopher Woodside

Orlando , Florida : Melody & Thomas Bernal
Check out: TYT Orlando Facebook group

Jacksonville , Florida : Ryan Baxter

Miami , Florida : Jordan Baldi

Tampa , Florida : Mo Abdallah, Ronson Biedrzycki
Check out: TYT Tampa Facebook group

Atlanta , Georgia : Curt Washington
Check out: TYT Atlanta Facebook group

Chicago , Illinois : Derek Daniels
Check out: Chicago Facebook Group

New Orleans , Louisiana : Daniel Guevremont, Zachary Krengle, Nicole Himel

Portland , Maine : Zach Richards

Boston , Massachusetts :  Mike Monetta

Detroit , Michigan : Alex Oeming & Nanci Frazier
Check out: TYT Detroit Facebook group
Check out: @TYTDetroit on Twitter!
Check out: TYT Detroit on Google+

Las Vegas , Nevada : Lance Seidman

Santa Fe , New Mexico : David Maloney

New York City , New York : Vacant

Charlotte , North Carolina : Andrew Schlesser

Columbus , Ohio : Craig Bickle

Cincinnati , Ohio : Cherie Taylor

Cleveland , Ohio : Doran McMurray

Oklahoma City , Oklahoma : Jay Hansen

Portland , Oregon : Douglas Kuhn & Colby Clipston

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania : Amanda Klein
Check out:TYT Philadelphia on Facebook

Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania : Kevin Crivelli

Check out:Pittsburgh Facebook page

Providence , Rhode Island : Alex Golembeski

Charleston , South Carolina : Josh Mckay

Austin , Texas : Todd Jagger and Christina Puentes

Dallas , Texas : Nathan Setzer

Norfolk , Virginia : Adam Sterrett

Seattle , Washington : Kirsten Pickett & Travis Erdmann
Check out: TYT Seattle Facebook group

Washington DC , : Ken Mogul & Jim Giguere
Check out: TYT Washington DC Facebook group

Northwest Florida , : Keila Schloemp

Denver , Colorado : Alex Mazzola

San Antonio , Texas : Chris Dockery


San Jose , Costa Rica : Eduardo Sanchez, Rodolfo Murillo & Ernest Jimenez Lacayo

Panama City , Panama : Ana Patricia

Bucaramanga , Colombia : Vacant


Calgary , Alberta : Ahmad Vahab, Jason Chisholm & Dave Grant
Check out: TYT Calgary Facebook page

Trail , British Columbia : Sean Mackinley

Toronto , Ontario : Cadell Last & Joseph Flett
Check out: TYT Toronto Facebook page

Winnipeg , Manitoba : Mitchel Wight

Antwerp , Belgium : Andy Schryvers
Check out: TYT Antwerp Facebook page
Paris , France : Caroline Drury

Cologne , Germany : Vladimir Maric

Trondheim , Norway : Daniel Andrè Antonsen

Madrid , Spain : Bodhi Spears

Stockholm , Sweden : Sinan Khalili


Glasgow , Scotland : Andrew Revill

Hampshire , England : Sean Oakley

Lincolnshire , England : Patrick Tew

London , England : Sean D’Arcy, Jade Billingham & Farhad Farzaneh


Tokyo , Japan : Kyle Michelsen
Check out: TYT Tokyo Facebook page

Christchurch City , New Zealand : Nico Wiremu

Ramallah , Palestine : Karima Awadallah

Sydney , Australia : Samuel E