How To Fight Against Mainstream Media & The Establishment


Cenk Uygur asks Russell Brand what he thinks about media channels who are invested in maintaining status quo and how to fight back against the establishment.

“Yes. I consider Fox News to be part of the establishment’s propaganda arm. I don’t imagine this is explicitly organized, but that isn’t really relevant. What I stand and recognize is that Fox News’ agenda is completely in alignment with the establishment’s agenda. Fox News’ message is, ‘This is the way things are. This is the way things are meant to be. If there are problems, it’s because of the disadvantaged and the dispossessed.’ They never draw attention to the powerful, because those are their interests… The only want to convey a narrative that protects the interests of the powerful.”

On redistributing wealth and power:

“Wherever possible, take away the incentives of profit. I think this myth that our best and our brightest and our finest are only motivated by money and privilege and comfort — I don’t necessarily think that that’s true. What I’m talking about isn’t some misty-eyed, mythical sort of sweet hippie-dom. I’m talking about ruthless pragmatism. We have a certain amount of resources, we have a certain amount of people, and we have a certain amount of time before the planet expires. Let’s get the resources to the people. Let’s implement systems that distribute resources fairly.

Don’t have global trade agreements that mean certain organizations benefit hugely whilst others flounder in poverty. Don’t have a system where $30 billion could solve world hunger forever and that $30 billion isn’t found despite every eight day $30 billion dollars is spent on arms. That’s just silly.

Take organizations and give them to the people that run them. Have McDonald’s if you want McDonald’s, but have them run democratically by the people that work in McDonald’s. Have the money that’s earned by McDonald’s shared among the people that work in McDonald’s, and the same for any organization. And any organization that contributes nothing — no nutrition, no benefits, only harm — get rid of those organizations.”

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Russell Brand: My Generation Needs A Revolution Beyond Obama


Cenk Uygur asks Russell Brand what he thinks about Barack Obama. Has the President delivered?

“I try not to get optimistic about superficial suggestions. On a personal, charismatic level, I think Barack Obama seemed like a really lovely man. He sort of spoke differently from other politicians, but I think it’s impossible for the system that we currently have to provide us with real change. The system prevents it. The system would filter out any individuals that would present any realistic change. That is the function of this system, to prevent the parameters from stretching. The only way change can come is from outside of that system. As one of your main men there — Thomas Jefferson — said, “Every generation should have a revolution.”

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People Keep Saying The Media Is Liberal. Well, Is It?


Cenk Uygur asks Russell Brand what he thinks of American versus British media? Are they liberal? Conservative?

“I think the reason that people say the media is liberal is to preemptively prevent true liberalism emerging. If you say, oh, the media’s so liberal and pro-homosexual and pro-lefty, then there’s a kind of nervousness about promoting ideas of equality and unity and togetherness. The media is an extremely conservative institution. I’ve been on that MSNBC before. It is an extremely conservative idea. The way that arguments are framed allows debate in a tiny, tiny circumference. No one is saying, hey, don’t vote for Republican OR Democratic parties, instead devolve power so that the ordinary people have power over their own lives.”

“Take the money out of politics. Otherwise you have a political system that only represents corporations,” Brand continues. “I think we need to be more ambitions in what our understanding of change is.”

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