Undercurrent 12.12.12 – Wal-Mart and the New Corporate Feudalism

Black Friday marked the first major national strike against corporate behemoth Wal-Mart. The Paramount, CA protest drew 1,500 people, and I was on the ground in the middle of all the action. In this episode, I interview striking 16-year employee Carlton Smith, and get a non-statement from Wal-Mart Chief Marketing Officer Duncan MacNaughton. Demos policy analyst and author of “Retail’s Hidden Potential” Catherine Ruetschlin tells us why major corporations can afford to pay employees a baseline of $25,000 a year without hurting their profits, and I distill my thoughts in a new bit called ‘The Bottom Line.’

Undercurrent 11.22.12 – Bill McKibben, Code Pink, and The Rolling Jubilee

I talk to Bill McKibben of 350.org, Jodie Evans of Code Pink, and Pamela Brown of the Occupy Wall Street affinity group Strike Debt. McKibben tells us the numbers behind his ‘Do The Math’ Tour. On Code Pink’s 10-year anniversary, Evans explains the evils of drone warfare. And last but certainly not least, Brown gives us the lowdown on The Rolling Jubilee, a project designed to payoff the debts of total strangers… Just in time for Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays!

Undercurrent 11.6.12 – The Holy Land, Prop 37, and Alan Grayson

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange.org contributes coverage of the Holy Land Five press conference with Noor Elashi, whose father’s life hinges on a Supreme Court decision. I sit with Jessica Parra-Fitch to find out the truth behind Prop 37 and GMO labeling. Alan Grayson tells me about his new congressional campaign, and we recall his famous stand for healthcare.