The Point – July 17, 2013

This week on The Point, Ana and the panel discuss the George Zimmerman trial, the verdict, the fallout, and the status of race relations in America today. Where does responsibility lie for the condition of America’s racial divides? Is the disparity the result of existing social problems or is it a matter of personal responsibility? Are crime statistics enough of a basis to form public policy or do they only tell part of the story? These themes and more on The Point. Enjoy.

Host: Ana Kasparian

Neal Brennan
Anne-Marie Johnson
Jody David Armour

The Point – July 10, 2013

On this episode of The Point, Ana Kasparian, Desi Doyen, Dave Rubin, and Kelly Carlin discuss Edward Snowden, force-feeding Gitmo detainees, Eliot Spitzer’s comeback, a listeria outbreak in Whole Foods cheese, Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli, and the best tweets of the week.

The Point – June 26, 2013

The whereabouts of Edward Snowden. Is the search for him justified, or seriously hurting the United States’ international relations? Celebrity antics– Amanda Bynes has been all over the news for her strange, mean-spirited behavior with many laughing at her and many others concerned for her mental health. Is this just a causality of child stardom? Kanye West and Kim Kardashian gave their daughter the name “North West”. Are weird baby names becoming the norm now? The Supreme Court overturned Prop 8 and DOMA, giving same-sex couples the right to marry. One lesbian couple celebrated with a wedding at “Equality House” in front of the WBC hate group– was this a good choice? And lastly, the best tweets of the week are all in our final segment, Off Their Feed.

Host: Ana Kasparian (The Young Turks)
Panel: Julianna Forlano (Host- Absurdity Today), Nikki DeLoach (Actress, MTV’s Awkward), Ryan Singer (Comedian)

The Point – June 19, 2013

This week on The Point:
Blaming societal ills on drugs instead of poverty
Republicans are still trying to make it harder for people to vote and Arizona is leading the charge
Racist mascots and team names
What are the implications of the Trayvon Martin case and trial?

Host: Ana Kasparian

Jody David Armour
Aqeela Sherrills
Bill Santiago

The Point – March 27, 2013

Exploring and questioning the value of higher education.

The Point- June 12, 2013

This Week on the point:
Edward Snowden blows the whistle on NSA domestic surveillance programs
Jeremy Irons is a pervy wanker who shouldn’t say anything about anything aside from acting
Are we so obsessed with political parties that we support them no matter what they do?
The member of Anonymous who played an integral part in solving the Steubenville rape case has been identified and faces charges

Host: Ana Kasparian

John Iadaroloa, Host of TYT University
Sara Benincasa, Author/Comedian
Alyona Minkovsky, Host/Producer for HuffPost Live

The Point – June 5, 2013

This week on The Point:
The departure of Michelle Bachmann
A California grocery store chain is offering both leaded and unleaded candy
The internet is abuzz over one of New York’s cutest couples
Michael Douglass gets cancer from Catherine Zeta-Jones’ vagina

Host: Dave Rubin in for Ana Kasparian

Brett Erlich, Host of The War Room on Current TV
Desi Doyen, Co-Host of The Green News Report
Malcolm Fleschner, Executive Producer of The Point

The Point 5 29

The Point – May 29, 2013

This week on The Point:
Can politicians redeem themselves after being caught up in a sexual scandal?
President Obama is trying to shift the paradigm on the global war on terror
Lena Dunham is unhappy about a porn parody based on her hit show Girls
Arrested Development is now on Netflix. How does this change how we consume media?

Host: Ana Kasparian

John Iadarola, Host of TYT-University on TYT Network
Catie Lazarus, Host of Employee of the Month Podcast
Jimmy Dore, Host of The Jimmy Dore Show on TYT Network

The Point – May 22, 2013

This week on The Point:
The Department of Justice targets the AP. What implications does this have on privacy rights?
Kanye West debuts a new song entitled “New Slaves” which talks about the private prison industry
A town in Colorado mandates gun ownership
Injuries in the NFL, more than just concussions
Off Their Feed

Host: Ana Kasparian

Peter Bibring, ACLU of California Senior Staff Attorney
Dave Rubin, Host of the Rubin Report on TYT Network
Desi Doyen, Co-Host of The Green News Report