The Young Turks December 17, 2014 Post Game

Cenk brags about the new transitions added to the Tricaster and Jesus has fun with them playing random transitions. Cenk briefly explains his rivalry with Stephen Colbert and talks about how late night television is no longer relevant. Ana talks about why she doesn’t have a tv and only watches web content like Netflix and Apple TV.

Cenk talks about the porn that doesn’t exist. Ana talks about what makes her uncomfortable about cuckold porn and tries to understand why some people get turned on by it.


The Young Turks December 16, 2014 Post Game

Cenk and Ana. Talk about his conservative nature in law school and how he was particularly annoyed by the rule that would throw out evidence if it was wrongfully obtained. Cenk later realized the reason they dont simply punish the cop that broke rules to get the evidence is because they would rather let criminals go than punish cops. Ana talks about how her boyfriend’s sister is a cop, and doesn’t know how to discuss cop stories with her when she’s adamantly on the other side. Cenk tells the story of lying during his time as a prosecutor.




The Young Turks December 10, 2014 Post Game

Jimmy Dore and Gina Grad hosting. Jimmy gives his observations of not smoking pot and discovers what medication gives him “Jerry Lewis face”. Gina inquires about Jimmy’s trip to the dentist and the doctor.Jimmy discusses the results of tarot card reading. Gina gives her views on spirituality.Jimmy talks about a near death experience.

The Young Turks December 9, 2014 Post Game

Ben, Jimmy, and Steve make fun of Cenk’s irregular face and how it relates to pleasing a woman in bed. Talk about people’s sexual fetishes; from furries to feet. Talk about Chris Rock’s interview about how no matter how old and married men are, they can’t shake the desire to want more women. Steve talks about how he satisfies his desire to still try to have sex with tons of women even though he’s married. The panel discusses whether or not Bill Cosby will ever have a career again.