TYT Apr 18, 2014 Post Game

Dave Rubin and Steve Oh talk about the weekly TYT basketball game and the different playing styles of the Turks. The new $4 million investment deal with former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer is also discussed. Not a big deal. Steve addresses the haters.

TYT Apr 17, 2014 Post Game

Cenk tells a story of how his dad respects law enforcement. Text and email etiquette in the modern age is discussed.

TYT Apr 16, 2014 Post Game

Cenk, Ben and Ana start a segment called “I Don’t Know” regarding an honor student who was a Wheel Of Fortune contestant and lost a chance at a million dollars.

TYT Apr 15, 2014 Post Game

Cenk and Ana answer #postgame questions.

TYT Apr 14, 2014 Post Game

Cenk and Ana talk about their trip to France for the MIP.tv conference.  Ana talks about the drama surrounding the sleeping pill she took the night before her speaking appearance on the main stage.  Talk about the last night of their week in France, which was “legendary.”

TYT Apr 11, 2014 Post Game

Steve Oh and Dave Koller join Malcolm Fleschner for this edition of In the Flesch.

The new segment “Totally True or Totally Bullshit” is debuted. Topics include: Will Glen Greenwald be arrested when he returns to the USA?, NASA reveals future plans for space exploration amid budgetary concerns, Is Stephen Colbert the best choice for David Letterman’s replacement on The Late Show?, Should news outlets publish the image and name of non-politicians intimately involved in sex scandals?

Steve shares the origins of the new segment and the inner-workings on how such decisions are made at TYT.

Dave and Steve share “totally bullshit” stories about being ticketed for using a cell phone while driving.

TYT Apr 10, 2014 Post Game

Steve Oh & DaveRubin reminisce about their college memories.

TYT Apr 9, 2014 Post Game

Chaos runs amok with Malcolm Fleschner, Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, and Jackie Koppell .

TYT Apr 8, 2014 Post Game

A former star of Star Trek lent her name and voice to a wacky documentary that teaches the sun revolves around the Earth, and that the only lifeforms in the entire universe reside on Earth.  As of today, the actress distanced herself from the conclusions in the documentary since she took it as a narration job.

TYT Apr 3, 2014 Post Game

Cenk and Ana goes through a list of well known Turkish curse words. Ana talks about an article on how to diet before going to Coachella. Also, Cenk, Ana, and Bart share their concert going experiences.