The Young Turks July 23, 2014 Post Game

Cenk reveals which staff member of TYT wore the infamous “Cherokee Chin Strap” during a week of debauchery in Vegas and other destinations. Cenk dives into a tale of closing the deal with the preacher’s daughter and its how related to the Anthony Cumia story.

The Young Turks July 22, 2014 Post Game

Ana and David Rubin.  Talk about Dave’s accidental assertion that “chinstrap” is a sex move/position.  Ana’s guess that it is a dildo attached to a chin was also right.  Ana talks about her research into women squirting while having sex.  Rubin talks about his 10 day vacation back at home in NYC where he put a hole in his best friend’s wall while having sex.

The Young Turks July 21, 2014 Post Game

Cenk was reminded of the temporary marriages allowed through fatwas in Islam. Cenk talks about what percentage of a 4 year olds’ birthday party is for the benefit of the 4 year old. On Saturday, his son had his 4th birthday party and he determined that about 65% of it is for the kid, and the rest is for the adults. Ana is realizing that she completely has the baby bug.

The Young Turks July 18, 2014 Post Game

On this edition of In the Flesch with Malcolm Fleschner, Steve Oh, and Dave Koller,the TYT San Francisco comedy show is discussed along with a new iteration of Totally True or Totally Bullshit where topics include:
A South Carolina mother was arrested for letting her 9 year old daughter play in a nearby park unattended while she was busy working. Were the police in the right?
A 17 year old boy in Manassas, VA was arrested on child pornography charges for sexting his girlfriend. As part of the investigation, the boy was planned on being subjected to an injection in his penis to induce an erection for comparison to provided photos. Was this overkill?
An Australian man with the unfortunate condition of micropenis is mortgaging his house in order to afford a second round of plastic surgery to lengthen and widen his member.Too much?

TYT July 14, 2014 Post Game

Cenk without Ana. Talk about the live comedy show up in San Francisco over the weekend. Cenk got a little drunk on stage after having a coffee buzz. He was excited about the level of enthusiasm in the crowd and the stories they told. Jesus went on his first family trip with his young son. Cenk talks about beating by Steve Oh’s 10 year old daughter in a swim race. Big Dogan spoke about his experience in San Francisco.

TYT July 10, 2014 Post Game

Gina and Ben host the post game show. More discussion of Tomas Rica’s theft of quarters from parking meters and a terminal cancer patient who was found guilty of drug charges for growing pot to treat his illness. Gina and Ben role-play to show how to get a card from a pot dispensary. Ben talks about his customer service experience with Verizon FIOS.