TYT Feb 11, 2014 Hour 2

Ana joins Cenk for SCS.  Another teacher has been caught for having sex with 2 of her students at different times.  She also sent nude text messages to the two students as well as another that she wasn’t having sex with.  A WSJ writer published an op-ed about how detrimental drunken sex is to young men that get accused of rape, and that drunk women should own up to their part of the blame in irresponsible sex that sometimes gets men falsely accused of rape.  A proudly bigoted owner of a restaurant in Oklahoma took part in a news report about his establishment being racist and homophobic.  After the report became public, many people reviewed his place on Yelp and labelled it the best gay bar in town.  An attorney for a Conservative group of bigoted business owners that wants to discriminate against gay clients points out that forcing them to serve everyone violates their freedom of religion.  In disputing this attorney’s claim that Christians are being persecuted, Ana gives the real numbers behind violence against gay Americans.

A 17 year old has been arrested for stealing $36,000 from a WalMart after posing as an employee with access to the cash room.  He wasn’t busted after the first time, so he tried it again last month, where he was taken into custody.  An official in Thailand is worried about young people’s obsession with taking and posting selfies online.  If they don’t get enough “likes” for their postings, they lose a significant amount of self esteem, which could lead to the future leaders of the country not having the confidence to take the country further.  A female FL Highway Patrol officer stopped an off duty police officer for speeding at 120 mph, which led to him losing his job.  His fellow officers were upset about her actions toward their colleague, so they began constantly harassing her at her home.

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TYT Feb 10, 2014 Hour 2

Ana joins Cenk for SCS.  Missouri Defensive Lineman and potential NFL draft pick Michael Sam has publicly come out of the closet.  The response has generally been positive, but some negative reactions are floating around as well.  Patrick Crayton is catching the most heat for his opposition.  Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin were among the supporters.  American figure skater, Ashley Wagner is getting tons of attention for her negative reaction to her undeserved bad score at the Olympics.  Russia spent $51 million on construction for the Olympics on Sochi, which violated many environmental standards.

A report showed that people are getting married later in life, striking fear in Conservatives, including a prof at Towson University.  He is concerned with the hookup culture of campus life and how it destroys emotional vulnerability and true love making.  NY Post columnist wrote about how upset she is that people are sympathetic towards him and his family in his death.  A study in adolescent health reveals that there is a lot of misinformation about Plan B and young girls.  Many pharmacies have lied to the potential patients or misunderstood the new regulations in relating to the girls in need of the pill.

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TYT Feb 07, 2014 Hr 2

A Black man in Texas was found dead with his throat cut, missing teeth, and ear cut off.  The authorities ruled it a drug overdose.  Tatu performed at the Sochi Opening Ceremony.  Its strange that they were performing considering their faux lesbian past.  The leader of the anti-gay group Occupy Pedophilia has been extradited from Cuba back to Russia where he will face charges from his assaults on gays in Russia.  Researchers conducted a study on lotto winners that revealed the majority of them switch political views to more Conservative.

Utah’s idea to eliminate homelessness is to house them for free until they get on their feet.  They came to this conclusion after comparing the cost of jailing and hospitalizing the homeless to simply putting them up.  CVS is banning all tobacco products from their stores so that they can be known as a store that helps people with their health.  This decision will cost them billions of dollars every year.  Leonardo DiCaprio spoke about how he’s never been tempted by the drug culture of Hollywood.  Discussion about why this is possibly the case.

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The Young Turks – 02.06.14 Hour 2

Ana, Ben, and Jimmy hosting. Americans would rather give up sex than their phone. Ana, Jimmy, and Ben give their own list of priorities they would put ahead of sex. Kid who used affluenza defense after killing 4 people serves no jail time after latest court hearing.

Janet Mock is invited back on the Piers Morgan show, where Piers demands an explanation for Mock’s behavior after the last interview. NFL player Jonathan Vilma says he is worried about gay athletes sharing the same locker room as him. Drug warriors are upset about Obama’s softer sentencing for nonviolent drug offenders.

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The Young Turks – 02.05.14 Hour 2

Ana and John for SCS.  4 people have been arrested in connection to the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.  They were busted with 350 bags of heroin on them.  Stats show that abortion has significantly decreased in the U.S, causing Conservatives to claim that their push for freedom restricting laws against women’s reproduction rights are the reason.  The numbers show that less women are even getting pregnant due to Obama’s policies pushing for contraception, despite these same Conservatives fighting against those.  A small group of people in Malawi teach young girls how to have sex so that they are ready when they get married.

More on the Bill Nye, Ken Ham debate over evolution from last night.  Videos from the discussion.  Piers Morgan had a transgender activist on his show and crossed the line with personal questions.  She wrote after the interview about the sensational nature of it.  Ana and John actually agree with Morgan’s questions.  After Janet’s response, Piers attacked.  A study finds that gay and bisexual teen boys use steroids at a staggering rate compared to straight teenaged boys.  A bar in Spokane Washington is catching heat for a new drink called the Date Grape daiquiri.  The bar is responding with defiance and cluelessness.  DMX has been chosen to be the person to fight George Zimmerman in a celebrity boxing match.

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The Young Turks – 02.04.14 Hour 2

Ana joins Cenk for SCS.  Update to the Dylan Farrow story of her accusing Woody Allen of sexually abusing her.  Ana corrects the facts that TYT got wrong while discussing the story yesterday.  Videos of Barbara Walters and Mika Brzezinski discussing the case from each end of support and opposition.

BYU PSAs focusing on “The War on Porn” to keep guys from masturbating.  Videos of the PSA that didn’t seem to make the point effectively.  A group of female students from Columbia University created a video to explore the rituals of our schools’ Greek system and showed how repulsive woman on woman sexual contact can be.  They tried to make it gross, but that didn’t come across.  A reporter from Gawker asked Jerry Seinfeld why he doesn’t have more people of color on his web series.  He responded angrily and put the reporter in his place.  In the past, Seinfeld praised past comedians like Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby.  He also has Aziz Ansari on his show somewhat regularly.

Human Rights Watch has released videos showing some of the extreme abuse gay people in Russia have been experiencing from the group “Occupy Pedophilia.”  A 5th grade transgender girl has won her case against her school that wouldn’t allow her to use the girls bathroom after a male classmate made a big deal over it.  

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The Young Turks – 02.03.14 Hour 2

Ana joins Cenk for SCS.  Ana talks about how much fun she had at the TYT Super Bowl party where Cenk told inappropriate jokes.  Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead with a syringe in his arm and an envelope of heroin in his hand.  Apparently, bad batches of heroin laced with other drugs has been showing up on the East Coast.  Ben Shapiro, the editor at Breitbart blamed our “broken leftist culture” led to Hoffman’s death.  Woody Allen’s adopted daughter has re-ignited her claims that he sexually abused her when she was a kid.  She’s calling him out after Allen continued to get praised by Hollywood.

After Coke aired a Super Bowl ad that had multiple languages singing America The Beautiful, many right wingers were outraged, led by Allen West and a Fox News contributor.  A former TSA agent wrote in Politico about all of the egregious things happening in the image operating rooms, where employees can see the x-ray shots of passengers.  A man pointed a gun a girl scout that knocked on his door, looking to sell cookies.  Nebraska State Senator is looking to pass a law that would stop the state from paying private prisons for cells even when they are empty.

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The Young Turks – 01.31.14 Hour 2

Ana joins Cenk and Jimmy for SCS.  Talk about whether or not Cenk should wear TYT t-shirts under suit jackets.  Survey found that a growing number of parents (40%) are not interested in letting their kids play football due to the knowledge of brain injuries.  Income level also played a significant role in which families would allow their kids to play.  A 30 year old Wall St trader made $5 million in bonuses alone left the life because he realized he was addicted to making more money.

A 77 year old man collapsed due to a heart attack in front of a fire station.  When 3 people begged for the firefighters to help, they refused to do anything until they called 911.  Once emergency was called and help arrived, he died on the way to the hospital.  Jimmy tells the story of yelling at Ronald Reagan while he was visiting Chicago.  A Texas man robbed 2 women and got away.  The police did a cartoon-like police sketch which somehow helped capture the culprit.

Member Thanks.  George Zimmerman will take part in a celebrity boxing match in March and declares that proceeds will go to charity.  Rapper The Game has come forward to be the first one to fight Zimmerman.

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The Young Turks – 01.30.14 Hour 2

Poll on how many Americans believe that God has a role in the outcome of athletic events.  Turns out 25% of southerners believe God plays a role in the outcome of football games.

Oxfam humanitarian group has dropped Scarlett Johansson after 8 years for being the spokesperson for SodaStream, a company whose main factory is in the West Bank. A woman in Korea makes 9k a month eating in front of a webcam. AZ pastor is swindling people by offering exorcisms via Skype.

Sigma Chi frat at the College of William & Mary is under scrutiny after a sexist email is leaked. Elementary students in Utah had their lunches taken away from them and thrown out due to outstanding debts.

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The Young Turks – 01.29.14 Hour 2

Ana joins Cenk for SCS.  Residents of Atlanta have been stuck on the roads due to the devastating snowstorm since yesterday.  The government has to respond to a petition that demands Justin Bieber be deported and his Green Card be revoked.  The lesbian daughter of the Hong Kong businessman who offered tons of money to any man that can turn her straight, responded with an open letter to her father.

Sen Jeff Sessions spoke to Eric Holder about his views on marijuana and how devastated he was over Obama’s words about the lack of danger associated with weed.  Jennifer Lawrence will be playing Mystique in the upcoming X Men movie, so she posed for a magazine interview where she was naked as the character.  TYT Supreme Court.  Would you be Mystique and go naked for a movie.

A female politician in India blamed victims of rape based on how they may have been dressed.  She specifically blamed a murdered rape victim for going to a movie late at night.  A man that went to a boarding school back in the ‘50s wrote a book about the severe abuse that many of the boys endured while there.  A NC family has been tracked down and arrested with the help of a predator drone after they were wanted for not returning cows that wandered on their property.  

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