1. akai454 says

    Be Safe You Guys .
    I used to live in Hawthorne city , and it was always fun when the “Ghetto Bird” (Police search helicopter) would be flying close to Our house and every once in a while the helicopter search lights would flash through our back yard at night , meaning that there was a crazy person some where in the neighborhood . I’m glad that I moved to Oregon .

  2. Gryphon87 says

    So Ali is the guy who is CONSTANTLY (at least once every other show, more frequent I believe) fucks up the graphics? Wrong data, mispellings, whatever. Why is he not fired? Does TYT not fire?

    • nestea53 says

      Maybe because he is one guy who is in charge of all the graphics for every show, (I mean if that’s even true)
      It’s not CNN, 15 graphic artists, programmers, and editors don’t handle a graphic before it gets displayed on screen. I like that TYT is human, and hires humans, and doesn’t freak out on every single mistake and fire people who are trying.

      I’m sure the dude isn’t payed 6 figures either.

      Back off.

      • Gryphon87 says

        You might accept misspellings and putting up wrong numbers, charts (which renders the graphic useless as Ana or Cenk says to disregard it and then reads you the correct numbers) but I expect better. Spell check exists. So does reviewing your work. The man is incompetent and should be terminated.

  3. Katrina says

    I’m a 32-year-old woman who lives alone and I leave my doors unlocked when I walk my dog even if it’s 4 AM. It’s probably not the safest idea but I don’t want to live my life in fear that someone might be watching me to rape or kill me. Nothing’s wrong with a little caution and most times, I lock my door when I’m at home. That’s enough for me :)

  4. katemcshane says

    Ana, It’s all relative. I grew up in a neighborhood where there was no crime, but things happened to me in my own home, which, at that time, weren’t criminal but should have been. I find that when people talk about safe neighborhoods, it’s usually about race. I decided 40 years ago that I wanted to live in racially diverse neighborhoods, and I was comfortable and safe in all of them. I was mugged once in an all white, upper middle class neighborhood in Cambridge MA under a streetlight with people walking by and once across from the Harvard Police barracks, where people were watching (and apparently enjoying it). I’m staying with a relative now in an upper class suburb in Pennsylvania and every time I go into Philadelphia, the people in this suburb warm me that I may be risking my life. The suburbs are NOT for me — a lot of beautiful trees and ugly architecture. Don’t buy into the creepy hype about crime. Live where you love your home and people you meet in the neighborhood.

  5. silver Harloe says

    “They don’t need to know where I live.” Ms Kasparian, one small problem – murder is common, but not THAT common. There are only about 11,000 gun deaths per year – over the whole nation. A bit of poking at the crime blotter for LA will pretty much reveal not just your neighborhood, but with all the details you’ve given, it will pretty much narrow down your address. You may want to reconsider this post game existing if you want to keep such information truly secret.

    • FLAboy says

      I was thinking the exact same thing as I was watching this… Ironically enough, I JUST moved to Orange County 3 months ago so I’m no longer a FLboy, I’m a local and could easily find out that address and show up with chocolate and candy pretending that you know me because we (the members) know you so well over the years. Luckily, i’m not a stalker – my wife won’t let me do that anymore.
      Joking aside, I would also reconsider this post… you never know if there is a member that has an obsession.

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