1. notbuyingit says

    Ana, the thing you need to understand about Howard is that what he is doing is satire. He’s playing a character. Off the air, he is actually pretty similar to Dave Koller in terms of personality. When he’s making fun of women or the mentally challenged, he’s actually doing a commentary on the absurdities of our society. He doesn’t spank a woman’s bare ass with a raw fish (yeah, that’s happened before) just because he likes it, he’s making an attempt to illustrate that people in our society will do anything for even a minute of fame. When he’s purportedly making fun of someone who’s touched or someone with a disability, he’s actually making fun of the fact that there are certain subjects that we’re afraid to talk about.

  2. caber1 says

    One of the funniest parts of the Howard Stern movie was when the ratings came out and they found that people who hated him listened the most, because they wanted, “to hear what he would say next”.
    What most people fail to appreciate is the unending honesty and determination of Howard Stern as he has had to battle with all those who tried to bring him down, while carrying the flag of religion or family values, and nobody seems to care that Howard keeps on truckin’ after all his detractors fall by the wayside or get caught not upholding those values that they preach to everyone else.

  3. salassian says

    Cenk gets mad guilty pleasure listening to HS. And he gets us to assuage his guilt and convinces us to go along with Stern’s casual dismissal of the interviewees’ desire for privacy.

    What’s the point of this prurient interest in sexual lives?

    So fine, HS can get people to say things they wouldn’t say with other interviewers.

    But it’s not this skill to get people to talk but the type of information they reveal that’s important. Why does Cenk ignore this?

    In addition, I think Cenk loves to shock with his bravado. But it’s pointless bravado that gets people to expose intimate personal details. Put it to some interesting use, get people to reveal things that matter.

  4. verfluchte hunde says

    Howard Stern is an ass. I worked a contract in Pleasanton, CA back in 2000 and heard him on the radio a few days before I learned to avoid that station.

    Aside from farting into the microphone he was cheering for this person to die so his organs could be given to someone else.

    He’s a showman who is totally absorbed in himself and his own needs. My reaction, since he runs around screaming “look at me, look at me” — I simply ignore him.

    • notbuyingit says

      If I had a nickel for every person I know who has said what you just said, and then ended up liking Howard sometime afterward, well, I’d have a lot of nickels.

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