1. notbuyingit says

    Ana, I can’t tell you how pissed off I am that you threw that huge spoiler in right at the beginning without warning anybody. Why should I even bother seeing it now? The post-game isn’t live. You could have bleeped it out, or at the very least put a spoiler warning in the description.

    Thanks for nothing.

  2. npate says

    You guys didn’t notice M literally quoting Dick Cheney in the Parliamentary hearing? That the MI5 needs to ‘work in the shadows’.

    The entire sub-plot to Skyfall was that the secret-services required total, unaccountable autonomy, because there are so many threats to the UK’s national security. Even sneaky hackers, who seem to strangely resemble a certain real-life albino… No one had a reaction to that?

  3. charliewallace says

    Cheating isn’t even against the law. Hell, no! You don’t get to beat the guy up. Unless he raped your wife, he didn’t do anything that warrants violence against him. Neither did your wife. You don’t OWN your wife! You don’t get to do violence on her for cheating on you. All you get to do is divorce her. That’s what I did. And I don’t give a fuck if you don’t think that’s manly. Violence is wrong, except in self-defense. There’s no self-defense involved in cheating. So be a man and take control of YOUR life. Divorce and move on.

    • notbuyingit says

      I also disagree 100%. If I were to have sex with someone else’s wife, and the husband caught us, I would fully expect him to throw me a beating, and I wouldn’t blame him.

      And I’m sorry to be the bad guy here, but let’s keep it real: not a day goes by that you don’t wish you had taken a couple of swings.

  4. vidzero says

    I don’t get why Cenk totally repented on the beating up the guy screwing your wife issue, he had it completely right the first time and all the hosts agreed with him.
    Very unreasonable for Anna to expect the guy to remain calm in that situation, wait until it happens to her and see if she can remain calm, she already admitted she has temper issues recently.

  5. shellyleit says

    You guys need to see Beasts of the Southern Wild. I would love to know what you thought of it.
    Life of Pi was amazing too. Both are Oscar nominees, Beasts for best actress and best director.

    Revolutionary Road was the saddest movie in the world.
    I agree about Kate Winslet though, I would see her in anything. The only bad one so far was Contagion or whatever movie that was where she died of the flu. Awful.

  6. says

    On the subject of music and Adele:

    A HUGE percentage of songs are “whining songs.” It’s because you’re in this huge emotional area, so you use it to make songs. That is, if you are the one who writes the song.

  7. says

    On the subject of cheating:

    Beat the guy if he knew she was married. If he doesn’t, he just thinks he’s scoring with some single chick. It wouldn’t be his fault!

    Kick the girl out and whoop her ass too. I hate that girls want equality yet you still can’t touch them? Fuck that. Equality is good and bad. If you’re that old school, get your sister to whoop her ass.

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