TYT 02.19.13 Hour 1

Hour 1
Segment 1
Cenk hosting today.  Videos of Scott Brown explaining why he tweeted random things to followers that were hounding him.  He claimed he pocket tweeted. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/19/scott-brown-tweet_n_2716060.html  General Allen has decided to avoid the confirmation hearings to become the NATO Supreme Allied Commander to take care of his sick wife.  Cenk is skeptical of his excuse since he probably had an affair and it would come to light as his background is scoured. http://thehill.com/blogs/defcon-hill/policy-and-strategy/283783-obama-announces-gen-allen-to-retire  More on the media’s obsession with getting a picture of Obama and Tiger Woods playing golf.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/19/white-house-reporter-obama-disgrace_n_2716634.html

Segment 2
Obama’s proposal for immigration reform has Republicans up in arms because it trumps what their game plan was.  His plan has some very disappointing parts, though. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/02/19/undocumented-immigrants-would-have-13-year-wait-for-citizenship-under-obama-plan/  Steve Rattner’s money moves to get what he wanted from DC politicians.  He simply paid a $16 million fine for his illegal actions.  The list of people at his 60th birthday party was full of powerful politicians, media groups, and rich entertainers.  Jayar speculates on why these politicians are so eager to get Rattner’s money. http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2013/02/18/a-reputation-once-sullied-acquires-a-new-shine/  A State Senator from TX is looking to disband the regulatory group for insurers.  State Farm Insurance simply paid him $10,000 for this work that will allow them to run wild.  http://www.dallasnews.com/news/politics/state-politics/20130214-dallas-area-senator-files-bill-to-abolish-state-consumer-advocate-for-insurance.ece

Segment 3
The Supreme Court is seeing the case on campaign finance, which may make it even worse.  The new limit allowed my increase.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/19/supreme-court-campaign-finance_n_2717527.html Former President Clinton has made $125 million before taxes, mostly from banks and big companies that he quietly deregulated before his 2nd term ended.  Hillary Clinton is going to do the same thing between now and her anticipated 2016 run. http://www.salon.com/2013/02/19/who_will_be_paying_hillary/  Video of President Obama painting a grim picture of our country if the sequester is not avoided, blaming Congress for it.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/02/19/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-new-simpson-bowles-plan/


  1. DarkAngel64 says:

    JR mentioned campaign financing reform (Wolf Pack !),,, FOOD FOR THOUGHT – if the Union Retirement Funds had such an impact on the gun manufactures recently – wouldn’t it be interesting if they joined with Wolf Pack and helped push for election finance reform? Good Government is good for the middle class – whose money is focused in those Retirement Fund groups – it would be in their best interest.

    Just Sayin

  2. 14:30 Bill Maher style “New rule, you cant say gate after any scandal anymore EVER. Its been overused to the point its meaningless.

    Also you should be on the panel on bill maher at some point.

  3. QuantumFieldTheorist says:

    Also, the sequestration cuts the NSF (National Science Foundation) by nearly 600 million dollars. We are already hurting quite bad (In fact, I do scientific research every day but I cannot get government funding as a theoretical physicist).

    The sequestration is an absolutely abhorrent and terrible fiscal policy. America is making many terrible fiscal decisions based on capitalist greed, and we have only begun to start suffering from these decisions. I do mean that; just wait until the student loans bubble comes. We haven’t finished paying for all of the things that we’ve let banks get away with, the complete lack of infrastructure maintenance, the long unrelenting attack on the American public school system, and the number of jobs that we’ve shipped over seas. The reality is that America doesn’t have a sustainable economic platform, we’re just fizzling out our massive, but ever diminishing, wealth and power that was accumulated over the last 10 decades, while the top 1% tries to snag as much of the wealth as they can before the roof collapses.

    We have to start making some good decisions very soon, and the longer we wait to make good decisions, the larger the number of reforms that will be necessary, and the probability of passing those reforms becomes lower and lower.

  4. QuantumFieldTheorist says:

    The problem with Wolf-PAC is that it doesn’t go far enough. We must end the two-party system, because that’s how the divide and conquer strategy of corporations and the rich works. To have a functional democratic political system in American, we absolutely must have the following conditions:

    1.) We must get run-off elections and get rid of the winner-take-all system.
    2.) Increase term-lengths but introduce a vote of no confidence.
    3.) We have to have publicly-funded elections.
    4.) We have to introduce laws/amendments forbidding involvement in getting a job in a sector that you used to regulate for a minimum of 5 years, and have serious jail time for any politician involved in it.
    5.) Ban corporate personhood, and ban their ability to endorse a political candidate or fund organizations that support a particular candidate.

    These absolutely must be in any serious election reform. Some people might object to the length of Congressperson’s term, but it will save the country money on publicly-funded elections, and a vote-of-no-confidence would be vital to voting out Congressional sessions that have an approval rating of 8%. Also, we really need to do a national education reform and re-introduce the public option in our nationalized health care. There’s a lot of stuff America has to get done, but won’t get done until we have American voices in Congress, not international corporate interests, religious zealots, and the rich.

  5. Ewan Brain says:

    Is that Iadarola I hear sneezing at 30:24?

  6. mr pickles says:

    Cenk talks about the revolving door and that isn’t even addressed in the wolf-pac amendment. So even if we miraculously get this amendment through, it won’t mean much because we still have the revolving door. It would be a lot easier if we could just change the voting system so we can vote our conscience and elect honest people from the get-go.

  7. I am trying to download some older shows because I’m behind. and they are NOT WORKING. Please fix or let us know what’s going on…ISomeone please…Mark???

  8. poorandimmature says:

    wooh stream works! nice work fellas

  9. A former US Senator doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

  10. Luke Nicholson says:

    You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

  11. Never realized how critical the player was.

  12. The player works! Hallelujah!!!!

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