1. bm3racer says

    This is crazy, the video is constantly buffering and plays for 1 second until it starts buffering again. unwatchable. When I try downloading, it maxes out at 5kb/s – you guys must have better bandwidth, we are paid members, if u dont have enough bandwidth speeds to serve members, then this is all pointless.

    Also, the worst presidents name? Truman – because he was such a Phony, what a despicable human being (sickening piece of shit) – this is the sort of president that should have gotten assassinated.

  2. mend0104 says

    President Grant’s name might qualify as the most ridiculous name, but not the name he assumed as an adult–Ulysses Simpson Grant.

    This name was accidentally assigned to him while in the military. His intended name was Ulysses Hiram Grant, which Grant had changed from his birth name, Hiram Ulysses Grant. Check out the initials: H U G. This is precisely why Grant switched his first and middle names. He smartly figured that it was a bad move to enter the military with ‘HUG’ as his initials. But when the army screwed up his middle name, i.e. replacing it with Simpson, and having figured out that his initials would now spell ‘U.S. Grant’, he kept this accidental name, obviously realizing the high coolness factor.

    So Grant goes from having the most ridiculous name to having one of the most awesome names in presidential history. It’s Grant for the win :)

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