1. GeneralGhost says

    Look people whats trending now is not the Harlem shake im from NYC and let me tell you its not the Harlem shake. You tube the real harlem shake. Rename it something else. The harlem shake has been around since the 80’s.

  2. Kraken Caretaker says

    Hey guys, Hal here.

    When I stayed in LA last month I had to take a fast course in LA driving. I was panicking driving my car around the first couple days, but I got used to it. The biggest difference between LA and Dallas driving is in LA you guys don’t have many turn arrows at stop lights, but there’s one at every stop in Dallas so turning was stressful for me at first. Also, I can’t imagine getting around without a car in LA and this is from a guy who lived in Japan for a while without one.

    I’m flying down there for a few days next month to do some post-production on the doc and I’m definitely going to rent a car.

    • nyxxie says

      I hate LA driving. You really have to know where you’re going… if you make a mistake there isn’t anywhere to pull over and just get your grounding. I had a meeting there once and I kept going in circles. LOL… it was the most stressful thing ever.

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