TYT 02.13.13 Hour 2

Hour 2
Segment 1
Some programming notes and replies to Twitter comments.  Fight over creationism.  Proposal to redefine science in Missouri schools.  ASMR – VIDEO.  Student at University suing for a C+ grade.  Women from Essex has a 161 IQ.

Segment 2
Absurd News Alert – father put Daddy’s girl on his 14 year old daughter’s wrist, tattoo.  Anti-gay comic.

Segment 3
Ana responds to Tweets.  Woman who died over 150 years ago in Mexico, was the ugliest woman in the world, and was just buried.  Man arrested for his but injection business. VIDEO of a man spanking four women.


  1. I’m a fifteen year old dude fom Lawson, Missouri with a 144 IQ :)

  2. I could go on all day about ASMR. Mainly, check out the ASMR subreddit (reddit.com/r/asmr). There’s so many “triggers” I couldn’t possibly list them here, but the MAIN big one that almost everyone can sympathize with is The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. If you ever watched that (as a kid, an adult, whatever) and had this really pleasant, uber-relaxed feeling while watching, that was almost certainly ASMR

  3. Wow, thanks for covering the ASMR thing. I’ve felt that feeling when I get my hair cut and never knew a video could do it. Definitely just killed an hour watching these.

  4. When there’s problems I sit back and think of the years that they worked their asses of to give us 3hrs a day for nothing and am just so glad they can all make a living at this and not have to have a ‘day job’ and that tyt has not been relegated to side project.
    Jeebus christus everybody needs to fuckin relax.

  5. svaranasi85 says:

    oh so its not just me then, ok good, i thought my computer was messed up or something, this still sucks tho

    • sullyyllus says:

      You can download the video with the link directly under the video. You should have no problem doing this. That is what I do when it won’t work online. : )

  6. sanchapanzo says:

    In TYT’s business model – you would expect content creation/presentation might be the hardest part (Cenk working hard to break down complex issues or Cenk doing an extempore – have to admit Cenk is one of a kind)
    And probably the easiest part might be for the person who has to produce that video and upload that content. But who could have guessed producing/uploading is all that complicated anyway :(

  7. I literally never have problems with accessing the show. When I watch it on my computer, the video module works; when I watch it on my iPad/iPhone, I simply tap the download video button and it plays like normal after about 10 seconds of buffering. I supposed I get the “frustration” people have when they pay for something and it’s not perfect… but at the same time the kind of rude, entitled comments directed at TYT on here is sorta amazing to me. These people work their asses off to produce a top-notch product for us, and despite the occasional technical problem with the site, I wouldn’t trade TYT for the best produced “news” alternative any day. I guess to summarize, my suggestion is to realize life’s not so bad and to get over these mundane, stupid issues like the video not working to your personalized, exact specifications. Just my two cents.

    TYT rules.

  8. CanadianBoy says:

    Ugh, really TYT?

  9. This one too!? Come on guys. Is it really that hard to have these videos up?

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