1. ZuS says

    Cenk doesn’t think the man is factually right? Are you serious, man?

    The power of faith is as real as powers come and is demonstrated in the immense power of religious systems throughout millenia. Democracy is an infant compared to the religious systems and existence of democracy itself is demonstrably partly due to a blind faith in a system of governance poured into you by the environment – it’s why a significant number of our kids go to get blown up in wars they think they fight for democracy and it’s why veterans blow their heads off at a rate of 20 per day.

    Can we at least step back and recognize the simple fact that everything we do is based on faith and that all that really matters is the motivation and the policy you support? You may be technically correct, whatever the fuck that means, but MLK did a bit more with less. Can we try to welcome at least the religious people who are on our side on the issues, without picking on their belief system? Can we use it for our benefit? Like we don’t mind doing with MLK? Why do we insult our allies and surrender this immense tool to the enemy?

  2. SeanThePolitico says

    Paul Rusesabagina should have left Rwanda as soon as he could. I suspect that Dr. Victor Frankl stayed to help more than just his parents, it was do whatever good he could against the face of evil. Though I would probably not make the same decision, I’m impressed with Dr. Frankl’s courage and bravery.

    Compared to knee-jerk reflex to call everyone in a uniform “American heros”, Dr. Frankl’s choice and actions is actually heroic, while the uniformed mechanics (honorable but not heroic) and the UAV pilots that target and kill kids (totally absent of honor) never get the moral inspection that they should.

  3. mr pickles says

    Very bad decision. How in the world would he have protected his parents?

    Also Mother Teresa was a horrible person. She wanted the people around her to suffer because she thought suffering brought her closer to Jesus. You can find the bullshit episode about her on Youtube.

  4. reba says

    One thing to keep in mind is that we are hearing the story with the benefit of hindsight. I bet a lot of people had no idea how bad things were going to get until they did.

    What I didn’t understand is was it a possiblity for the wife to go ahead without him? Because that is what I would have done in that situation. Sent my pregnant wife to be safe without me and tried to stay and protect my parents. It would probably depend on how old my parents were and how adamant they were about me leaving and saving myself.

  5. Veggie-Trunks says

    It’s a very tough position but I would think it wouldn’t be hard. My mom would much rather me and my unborn child definitely live than for all of us to possibly die. No question.

  6. GeneralGhost says

    The one and only true goal of parents is to protect their children so i know if i was in that situation my parents would force me to leave, and if i were that mans parents i would also force him to leave. But what a horrible situation to be put in, i would not wish that on my worse enemy. Though i commend him for his decision i think it was a foolish one.

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