1. katemcshane says

    I loved Jayar’s thoughts about not leaving a baby to cry alone for long periods. I worked with kids for 25 years and those experiences definitely create a lot of pain in their lives for many years afterward, but they usually don’t understand what’s happening because they had no words to describe it at the time. Maybe I sound silly to you guys, but I’ve seen this in hundreds of situations. What I love about Jayar is his sanity and his compassion.

    • mdeels says

      You know what, I was thinking about that recently. If I were to put myself in the mindset of an infant, actually, even if I were to put myself in the mindset of the adult I am now and I just wasn’t able to communicate my thoughts to a person who was putting me in a crib I couldn’t get out of even though I may or may not be tired and then closed the door and left me alone unable to do anything for myself, I would be pretty upset, as well!

    • salassian says

      So you mean happiness is an end in itself, right? Not so sure that isn’t a circular argument. But I guess everyone needs to answer that their own way.

  2. GeneralGhost says

    Kids= Financial burdens. Do not have kids until your ready.
    And i will say if your not ready to devote your life to your kids then don’t have them, because they are your life.
    Great post game, trust me and my girl fiend have talked about it.

    PS: Yes please dont beat your kids lol.

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