1. kemstone says

    What a profoundly awesome post-game show. There’s nothing more fascinating about life than death.

    The moment Cenk teased the “best TV show ending about death” in the show, I thought to myself, “he’d better be talking about Six Feet Under” and I was extremely glad to find out that he was. If there’s anyone out there who hasn’t watched it, do yourself a favor and make sure that before you die, you watch the whole series. There may be more *entertaining* shows out there, but in terms of emotional impact there’s no show that even comes close. Best series of all time. It will change the way you look at death–and by extension, life.

  2. Ool says

    Can anyone please ask Cenk what the exact title of the philosophy book was he was talking about at 13:00 in the video and post it here? The “Why does something exist?” book… Seriously, I want to know. Don’t tease me and leave me hanging!

  3. soddit says

    Christ! What a morbid postgame! Very interesting though. Now when I go into a public space, I cant stop thinking about whose most likely going to die in this room, or on this bus.

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