1. rev24 says

    Great to see Tom do a post game! I think all babies are pretty must slobbery, alien-like creatures, but still precious forms of life. As to my little dogs, you of have no choice but to like ‘em. Little dog haters, “you will atone!”

  2. katherkath says

    In middle school, I was having problems with a pretty and popular girl tormenting me. I vividly remember my dad telling me, “beauty is fleeting.” He was trying to tell me that it’s more valuable to be kind and intelligent than it is to be beautiful. But in the process, he was acknowledging that this girl was prettier than me.

  3. caber1 says

    Heavens to Murgatroyd Anna, you are not 17 any more and you are supposed to be a professional. Can we please, please lose the, “like, like”. You know, like like.
    Just listen to yourself sometime.

      • nestea53 says

        yeah, and even if she said “like” a lot, it’s not really a characteristic of being a teenager. Everybody does it these days, it’s just the modern day “umm”, “ahh”, or “ehhh”. Conversational English is fine, if she starts typing it into her postings, fine, then that’s like totally like different.

  4. QuantumFieldTheorist says

    Odd question, but why is Ana wearing a different shirt? And what happened to the last few minutes of the 1/30/13 show? Cenk was like “Oh, hey, we’ll be back in a second” and the show ends, and then it switches to this.

    I don’t really mind, content is content is content, but it’s a little odd, lol.

  5. mr pickles says

    The whole pretending the baby is cute scenario reminds me of when Ana said she went to the dentist and it was either the dentist or the assistant who was a fan of TYT. Anyway, the fan was complementary of Cenk and Cenk asked Ana if she was hot. Ana’s uncomfortableness kind of indicated she wasn’t hot, but the fan was probably watching the show so Ana couldn’t come right out and say it. It was not a very tactful question on Cenk’s part.

  6. jmertig says

    Don’t be ridiculous. Lots of babies are ugly. At a minimum many babies are just plain. Unless you got a fetish for bald wrinkled guys with no teeth and poop themselves (or women), lots of babies are ugly . I have had some relatives that had some pretty ugly babies, but down the road, WOW, they didn’t stay ugly. I love kids, I have 2 daughters, but I am realistic. I also have a pug. In a way he’s very cute, in a way he’s butt ugly.

  7. CanadianBoy says

    First, I love babies!! But I know a very ugly baby personally. I’m not trying to offend anyone, but some babies are better looking then others.. and the one I know is pretty unfortunate looking. I’m not the only one that thinks it too :P

  8. GeneralGhost says

    Im sorry i could not watch all of this. The dude looks like the white version of my brown douche bag arrogant cousin who thinks his semi hipster hair style and clothing is “cool”. Now i have nothing against this dude, but the resemblance is to much for me to bare. With that being said im sure hes a great guy but its just to much when you include this horrible topic that Anna has brought up. I mean really who the fuck judges babies by their looks? There fricken babies show some maturity and get over our god complex.

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