1. asabrantes says

    I have noticed by staying in hotels around the country that some basic cable packages in certain areas only carry Fox News. Other news channels are on a different service tiers that cost more money. Sometimes the basic tier is just Fox and CNN. This must have an effect on potential audience size and ratings.

  2. OppressedWriter says

    Also, I live in the south, and used to be a server, and every restaurant I worked at Fox News was always on by default. So, that certainly gives it an edge.

    • Brandi Ray says

      That is definitely something I hadn’t thought of. I live in NY, in between rural and city, I think it is a pretty healthy mix of political leanings. I see Fox News on in a lot of doctor’s office waiting rooms and once in a while a diner or something. It had never really occurred to me that all those “playing to no one” tvs were also counted, hah.

      • reba says

        I know people who always ask to have the channel changed when a public place has Fox News on. It usually works, I guess because they care what paying customers want. I always thought that was a good idea. I imagine that there are probably some places where that wouldn’t work and I personally wouldn’t even bother trying!

  3. GeneralGhost says

    Good post game, but i will say Fox News wins in ratings because of old white Americans, As the country starts to get younger and more colored Internet news sites are becoming more and more popular because mainstream news sites are tailored towards Older viewers. Young People like my self ( I am 26 years old) have given up on cable news and on TV news in general, because in large we have lost faith in corporate owned media. That’s one of the main reasons i became a TYT fan because i know what Cenk and the others are speaking are their own honest opinions.

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