1. salassian says

    I’m with Cenk in that I will only pay the minimum for a haircut which is $17 here. But I won’t go to chains. Unfortunately, very few people at that rate make the effort to cut it long. It’s super easy to cut it short. I have found one woman who will cut it long but it’s a little inconvenient to get there.

    Short hair does make you look younger but I still prefer it long.

  2. reba says

    Well, I’ll keep it real. Haircut sucks. It’s no big deal, though. He’s Turkish so it’ll grow out in 2 seconds. I do think it makes him look younger but I don’t think that’s a good thing. He looks better as the 40 something year old man he is.

  3. Prisoner_of_Reids_Mind says

    I used to go to a salon school to get my hair done (we have two here) because the cost was low, since they’re all still learning… Always went to the same one, and it was okay, but not great… finally tried out the other school a few years ago, and my first visit there was amazing! I had the best hairdresser I’ve ever had… I loved her work so much that I followed her when she graduated to a professional salon, and as a result pay an arm and a leg to get my hair cut… But I refuse to go to anyone else now… She not afraid to take risks and just dive right in… I usually give her basic idea of what I want, and let her have creative license to do what she wants. We have way too much fun…

    Anyway, point being, that if you find a good hairdresser, you’ll never want to go to anyone else… and the cost, doesn’t matter! (plus, if they like you, they’ll give you discounts… My $200 haircut & colour, tends to only cost me $150… Which is still a lot, but SO worth it.)

    • Doll says

      The cost DOES matter, personally speaking at least, I sure as heck don’t have $200 to spend just on my freaking hair. A few months practice and the right dye-in-a-box has served me well for many years now. I look fabulous and pay about $15 for a good cut when needed.

  4. GeneralGhost says

    Cenk you cheap bastard, that would not have happened if you went to a real barber. And as far as the hair cut goes i have long hair so im biased towards longer hair, i just think those short cuts make us look like Alter boys/ Boy scouts.

    • Luke Nicholson says

      I think the haircut is a bit of a mismatch in terms of personality. It’s certainly not bad, and does in fact make him look younger, but I think Cenk’s normal hair is more masculine and perfectly age-appropriate. George Clooney has that style because he’s more of a lady’s man, with a boyish charm type personality; whereas Cenk is a guy’s kind of guy.

      In other words, before, Cenk looked like the kind of guy you’d want to have a beer with and watch football. Now he looks like the kind of guy I’d have a dry martini with and go pick up chicks. Neither is “better”, they’re just two different people.

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