1. snarkadelicrelic says

    Most men can’t do that shit because they don’t understand it’s not just about their enjoyment of sex–it’s about women’s enjoyment of being dominated, and not all women are interested in that.

    It’s gotta be negotiated, there are boundaries, it’s not as simple as “Get on your knees.”

  2. Autumn127 says

    Um Cenk, so why don’t you apply your whole “Boss” philosophy now? If you really feel that regretfully about your high school past, you also might regret your current approach to marriage (maybe when you’re 80?). Why is it all of the sudden too late at this point in your life? Many people have open or unconventional arrangements.

    Be Boss and say to Wendy: “How about we re-negotiate the terms of our marriage? Here is what I want ….”

    Unless of course that boundless courage only applies in retrospect and only under certain conditions.

  3. says

    Back in high school I wasn’t a pansy or afraid of chicks. I would go up to them and talk just fine, but they would still be total bitches. Many would think they’re way better than me and laugh amongst their friends. I would just be like “F it,” and move on.

  4. nyxxie says

    Ana said she never had another woman hit on her before… But I do remember a story of hers where she talks about another woman hitting on her. I can’t remember exactly what it was about though.

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