1. reba says

    A couple of reasons to have a land line are A) if you call 911, they immediately know your address and can send someone out to check on you even if you can’t give them your address for some reason or your kid is too young to remember it in an emergency. Your cell phone doesn’t give your exact location as easily as that.

    B) it does not need power to run unlike cell phones so if you lost power for an extended amount of time you would still have a phone even after all your cell phones lost battery power.

    Adnittedly the second reason is pretty weak since you could probably get power from somewhere else if your house lost it for awhile. Unless there was an apocolypse.

  2. corrado says

    When I don’t wanna answer a call and text instead, I get back with ‘sorry, can’t answer, battery dying’ . Then you get a brief explanation and a quick way out…

  3. Chuck Weiss says

    You’re a pervert if you want to talk with another human being, instead of texting? This is no laughing matter. Our very humanity is endangered.

    Outlaw Texting Now!!!

  4. Prisoner_of_Reids_Mind says

    I read the full list a few days back… I didn’t see a problem with it…. If you’re a decent human being the rules are straightforward and simple to follow…. I pretty much did all of them on my own without ever being asked/told to do so, when I got my first cell phone. Mind you, it was just a simple pay-as-you-go phone, not much to it, so maybe my second phone would be a better example…
    I still kept my phone at night, (but never used it)… and I took it to school, (but never used it, unless I needed to get a hold of my mom or dad for something)… I used my phone very responsibly.
    I’m actually worse now than I was then! LOL But I still don’t use my phone a lot, for communication….
    I talk to 2 people regularly… my mom, (every day, 1 call, + varying number of texts) and my dad (usually texts on weekends, sometimes calls, because we try to go out for a movie every weekend if he’s not working)
    maybe 4 times a year, my Nana will call me…
    and the rest are the odd texts to 1 friend, and other relatives…

    My phone life is boring…

  5. GeneralGhost says

    I like the fact that the parents are trying but come on geez give the kid some space but i get it you want to be the best parent that you can be. As far as a land line goes its totally not needed as was stated when i had mine the only people who would call was telemarketers. And to Jayars point which i didnt see till he said it, if your so afraid of your kid screwing up just dont give him a phone or at least not a smart phone, just a bare bones phone where he or she can make emergency calls.

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