1. reba says

    I am so glad that I checked this thread yesterday because last night I turned on Current when TYT was supposed to start and TWC had already gotten rid of the channel! Those jerks! I’m going to miss at least 3 months of TYT on Current I guess.

  2. migu says

    TYT, I love this show but you guys really need to get your tech issues under control. I can understand having a hiccup every once in a while, but things like this seems to be happening once a week (sometimes more). I don’t know if it’s the website, the computers or someone not doing their job, but it’s really annoying to be paying 10 dollars a month and not being able to use the services because of tech issues.

    The site should be a top priority. Not just because we’re paying to use the site, but because websites leave a first impression and it’s not going to be good when newcomers come on the site and see glitches everywhere.

    Can we get an answer as to why these glitches keeping happening, and who’s working to fix it? And maybe give us someone we can report any glitches to? I really wouldn’t mind looking for them and reporting them to Kimani or whoever.

    Here are some:
    – Sometimes, when you log in, the front page is covered in HTML code (or whatever you call it) and it doesn’t let you click on any menu buttons. You have to refresh to make it normal.
    – Sometimes the audio or video file stops halfway through with no explanation.
    – Not sure if this is a glitch, but the videos get pretty laggy in the afternoon. From 2PM to 10PM, the videos become slow, keep stopping to buffer and are generally annoying to watch because of this. I have to download the audio files because of this.

  3. bcantwell says

    I’m going to weigh in here. I was trying to listen to the podcast about a month ago and could not get it to come up. I contacted tyt and a tech person got back to me almost immediately and worked diligently to resolve the issue.

    I realize TYT has a lot of technical difficulties, but I saw several posts above complaining that emailing them results in silence, and that wasn’t true in my case. Just throwing that out there.

  4. stereoj says

    The dichotomy between the content and the ability to provide the content online for members is astronomical. Cenk seriously needs to exercise his inner Mitt Romney and start firing who ever it is that can never seem to overcome these frigging technical difficulties.

    No one questions TYT as being the top news show out there but I have serious questions about the tech staff or their system for uploading the shows. Its too regular of an occurrence, it looks amateurish and its annoying as hell. Replace them.

    • chuadams says

      I really can’t disagree and you put it succinctly. This is really getting ridiculous. I have been patient the last 5 or 6 times but it’s just unacceptable at this point. Maybe the Current news will force a change for the better on the site.

      • questionable says

        We don’t know enough to say that firing will help, but if you’ve got like 15-20 employees you need to use them better and MAKE SURE SOMEONE IS COMMUNICATING if you’re running late (really a no-brainer, guys).

  5. poorandimmature says

    Can TYT do a post game explaining the situation with Current TV? This really blows. My mom gets current through timewarner… is she going to lose it?

  6. questionable says

    Is Al Jazeera scrapping Current and just using it for their channel? They already have a channel, I thought. At least I’ve seen their programs on a channel.

    Obviously, I’m misunderstanding something. Anybody know, who can set me straight?

  7. capaneo says

    Al Jazeera its an AMAZING network. Problem is that with Qatari ownership 99% of Americans will probably loose their mind if you criticise USA on that channel aired in USA. We all know the history and Alqaida tapes and …

    But in terms of content they are the best journalism I have seen out there today. Really pointed questions. Press the guest. Followup questions.

  8. Kumar says

    Okay come on TYT, I love you guys but you’re killing me here. It seems every week now there’s some delay or technical problem. What’s the problem here? Equipment? Incompetent employees? If you guys can’t afford to give us consistent content why don’t you consider raising the subscription price to compensate for getting whatever you need to fix this recurring problem? I know I’d be happy to pay $5 extra a month if it means these issues get addressed. Otherwise I kind of see no point to pay for a subscription with no community support if I can get the same content for free on YouTube.

      • Kumar says

        Haha well clearly whatever they’re doing now isn’t working. And money is the driving force of media, independent or not, so more money maybe = equipment that doesn’t fuck up all the time and maybe more people besides Kamani to help keep the community informed when something does happen.

  9. Justin10000 says

    TYT isn’t going to disappear. TYT is the world’s largest online news network, in case you forgot. Losing the Current show isn’t going to mean the end of TYT.

    • iano says

      No, losing Current isn’t going to mean the end of TYT. However, constant issues with the ability to access the content will lead to the loss of paying members. Time to get your shit straightened out.

  10. TheHappyMalcontent says

    If anyone is having a tyt withdrawal ‘on the media’ from NPR is great. These outages are annoying…but eh, worth it for tyt. Hope they’re up soon though, I need the workday to pass somehow.

  11. EveningStarNM says

    Here are some other left-oriented netcasts. Most are only weekly, but there’s some very good stuff here:

    The Professional Left (one of my absolute favorites)
    This Is Hell (absolutely outstanding)
    The More Me Show (Funny guys from inside the beltway)

    Electric Politics
    Filter-Free Radio
    Slate’s Gabfest
    In Your Face Radio
    Liberal Oasis
    Radio Or Not
    Rational Broadcasting
    Talking Left
    The Progressive Radio Show Podcast

    As brief as the TYT outage will be, you won’t have time to listen to them all. But I encourage people to check out all of them. (I tried to post a comment containing the links to these shows, but it’s awaiting moderation; all of these can be found via Google.)

    • dradeeus says

      I like the Professional Left as well, but they’re also somewhat frustrating as well, and is somewhat hard to listen to.

      They continually blast the media for promoting a sense of false equivalence between the two parties when there is none. Fine, that’s alright.

      But they do almost the same from the opposite end of things, glossing over a story about how Democrats are screwing you over, to talk about how evil Republicans are. Their earlier podcasts were pretty great, when they actually criticized the president, but now they sorta mention concerns with the Democratic party in a passing segway.

      • EveningStarNM says

        Yes, I had a short Twitter debate with Driftglass about his “lesser evil” choices and how they result in increasingly right-wing government. Se al vie. We have a long way to go to convince the rest of the left that we are as responsible for the dominance of the right wing as anyone.

        • dradeeus says

          They also spout a lot of the sorta-kinda-apologist rhetoric of “well, we can’t let Obama fight our battles. We need to do it at the local level! Hold his feet to the fire! Put pressure on them!”

          Seemingly not realizing the intense irony that their podcast name comes from the derogatory term that Obama’s own press secretary came up with to explain away concerned, grassroot liberals.

  12. sirmailbox says

    Very curious to see what happens to the Current show given the news. If Al Jazeera wanted to keep the channel as an English language news channel, then maybe they’d keep TYT.. but then TYT is a pretty unique show, and it’s difficult to imagine it fitting in with most brands. Hopefully this leads to bigger and better opportunities for TYT.

    I think Cenk really ought to be on television. I don’t watch TV myself but I know that’s the mainstream source for most folks in the US. If Cenk were on a network with a larger audience and actually given the freedom to conduct the show as he pleased, seems like he would pull absolutely ridiculous numbers. We saw the good ratings on MSNBC, but that was Cenk restrained–it wasn’t TYT. The liberal/anti-establishment politics and pop culture mix is just fucking dynamite for the younger demographics.

    Anyway I’m rambling. Maybe Cenk could fill us in on a post game as to what’s happening? Understandable if things are still hush hush though.

    • EveningStarNM says

      Yes, it’s going to be interesting. Al Jazeera is a serious journalistic enterprise, and TYT isn’t at all like anything else they do. As much as I enjoy TYT and watch it every day, actual journalism is not the crew’s forté.

      But I’m convinced that TYT is too big to disappear. It will find another home elsewhere if necessary.

    • ljw says

      I’m hoping for a much needed shakeup w/in TYT. I’m also wondering if Cenk comes back to us subscribers telling us again how important we are now that he’s lost his other source of income.

  13. ciro1028 says

    It’s ironic how TYT crictisizes Obama for not delivering what he’s promised and that he just gives excuses. Very ironic…

    Maybe sometimes being too cynic can hit us right back on our asses.

  14. Socialist Ryan says

    ” ridiculous technical problems with todays [sic] show”

    The Young Ass Clowns strike again! Nobody else in the podcast universe seems to have these problems. Democracy Now, Rachel Maddow, TomDispatch, Truthdig, Counterspin, Best of the Left . . . But TYT delivers – excuses.

    • EveningStarNM says

      Are you really that ignorant? Nobody else in the “podcast universe”, much less on this planet, does a live TV show and a separate two hour-plus live multi-camera netcast. If you want to talk about ignorant clowns, go look in a mirror.

  15. Pekka says

    Here’s list of podcasts I listen to if you need to tide over Young Turks technical difficulties. Perhaps you can enjoy some of them.

    The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann
    The Breakdown (Chris Hayes/The Nation. I would recommend Chris’ MSNBC show as well)
    The David Pakman Show
    In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg (Historical subjects/BBC)
    The Majority Report with Sam Seder
    Nature Podcast
    Science Talk (SciAm)
    The Ricky Gervais Podcast
    WNYC’s Radiolab
    Several music podcast that I won’t go into unless asked.

    • BobCP3 says

      In addition (especially considering Cenk’s pessimistic opinion of the tax deal) is Lawrence O’Donnell’s Last Word on MSNBC. More of an insider’s analysis of the situation, and certainly less hysterical.

    • BigT2555 says


      Thank you for the excellent recommendations! If I may be so bold, there are three other podcasts that I would add to your list:

      Best of the Left Podcast

      PRI: Smiley & West

      Moyers & Company

  16. sorenzo says

    While I appreciate the enthusiasm, Solvang doesn’t look much like Denmark. Aside from the occasional old farmhouse, Danish buildings are mostly fully modern villas and apartment blocks in suburbs and 1800’s Victorian-looking houses (some divided into apartments) in the cities.

    It’d be highly ironic if Europeans started building American towns featuring only McMansions surrounded by ghettos. I’m just saying, you can’t substitute reality.

    In other words, seeing the Sphinx in Las Vegas really isn’t like seeing the one in Egypt.

    Nevertheless, if you can find a nice Scandinavian-style restaurant in Solvang, I highly recommend the cuisine.

    • Turkoholic says

      Sadly I must agree. Ever since TYT went on Current, the podcast has been given short shrift.

      Of course Cenk and the gang are human beings. It’s hard to imagine that any of us would not be more interested in where the big bucks are coming from.

      So if we want TYT to give the attention to the podcast, we need to drum up support. Give subscriptions as presents. Encourage friends and relatives to listen and subscribe.

      Remember that Cenk has a wife and two kids to support. JR has a kid and Dave has one on the way. Steve O has a few. (I am sure there are a few who I don’t know about.) That is not to mention all the single folks that depend on TYT for a living.

      • laidyv2008 says

        I agree so much with you!!! I love TYT and although it is anoying to have all the tech issues, I have been a loyal fan for over 3 years now and I am still going strong cheering for TYT to succeed!

      • jonnymain says

        Couldn’t agree more. The dalliance with Current has been to the detriment of the online show and as a member from overseas who can’t get Current TV this pisses me off more than anything. Members being short-changed again today with another technical problem well I’m sorry but it ain’t good enough.

        All that said I love TYT and will remain loyal because its the only place you can get the lowdown on what’s really going on in Washington.

  17. salassian says

    I don’t want to sound like a hater but Solvang, IMO, totally over rated. It feels like Europe like Disneyland feels like a magic kingdom. At least they’ve kept it mainly for adults so there’s pretend danish bars, restaurants, etc. I guess for someone from LA going to Solvang feels great cuz you’re outta the city and driving among vineyards, rolling hills and open spaces. It is beautiful on those scores.

  18. inadaizz says

    Jazeera plans to turn Current TV into an English learning channel. Which means TYT will be scraped from the channel. Its still online and on youtube so I’m not really too concerned.

  19. slammers says

    Thanks for the heads up. I think what upsets the members most is being left in the dark to hit refresh on itunes “again , and again… and again” :)

  20. Felipe Serrano says

    TYT needs a bigtime change. I work in TV and there would be some changes for sure if a show gets screwed up as much as this show does. Do I sympathize with you Kimani? Of cooooooooourse, after all I am a lib but damn man!

    Baba-Booey to you all!

  21. magneteach says

    Not one Republican in 22 years has voted for a tax increase…till now. And it didn’t take a single dollar in spending cuts to get it to happen. Would I have been happier if the cut-off point had been kept at the $250,000 level instead of $450,000? Of course I would, but then you can’t have everything.

    The cuts may come later, but we’ve been hearing about how Obama is just dying to cut entitlements for four years now, yet it still hasn’t happened. I’m not saying it won’t, but it’s getting to be a bit like the boy-who-cried-wolf at this point.

  22. Greg Narten says

    well, it’s fine as long as it doesn’t finally come up around the Current show. It’s just that I was REALLY looking forward to Cenk having a full hour to hammer Obama b/c he actually sees Obama for what he is. Debt ceiling, look forward to having Obama cave on you too in someway.

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