1. akai454 says

    Slow cooked cereal ! Ok , Ana You must have already known that if You mention in two different post game shows about cooking ,now You have to post or vlog the ingredients and cooking time , My Little Brother’s GrandMother (no We’re not related) makes the best Mexican style pinto beans . Just a list of ingredients and directions , I’m so lazy that I think that the slow cooker would be My style of cooking . Take Care Guys .

  2. placebogirl1992 says

    Ana, I know the feeling, it’s not simple to teach yourself how to cook properly for yourself when first moving out but one thing that’s really good is omlettes. You can put any kind of veg or meat into that, any leftovers you have etc (economic savvy too, always a bonus).
    As people have said here, pasta is also pretty simple, filling and it’s easy to add whatever you want to it.
    Don’t worry, I remember very well feeling this way a year and a half ago but once you nail being able to do it for yourself (not as good as mom does it but very satisfying and delicious all the same), it’s a very good feeling of self achievement a, “Yeahhh, I’ve got this” moment :)

  3. corrado says

    I have never been so hungry reading post game comments…. Damn. I love a good beef veggie soup slow cooked served with bagels and cream cheese. Oh yea. Heaven.

  4. nyxxie says

    Cenk is nuts. Slow cooker recipes are awesome. I love it because I also hate to cook, not because I can’t because I can, but just because after working I don’t want to spend more time cooking. And it’s so unhealthy to eat out. So all I have to do is just throw stuff in a pot and let it cook all day and it’s delicious.

    And you can cook a steak in there too Cenk.

    I also had beans after Thanksgiving. I threw the bone from the ham in and it was delicious.

  5. migu says

    Why not do pasta?? You really have to fuck up to ruin pasta…There are sooo many things you can do with it, and you don’t even have to make the sauce from scratch. Pesto, tomato sauce, vodka sauce, wine sauces with mushrooms, cheesy sauces, sometimes just olive oil with parmesan…


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