1. sumtinsumtin says

    That was a great post game!
    Ana can totally learn to cook, keep at it and it’ll be a fun hobby to experiment with. Recently took it on to save money for my wedding and it’s helping shape everything up.

    Some cooking tips for pasta with those ingredients,

    2 tbsps of olive oil in the pan with mushrooms and chicken at the ready. Use onions seasoned with some basil flakes and sea salt to flavor the oil. Once onions begin to get translucent, pop in the mushrooms and chicken fillets and season on the pan with black pepper/paprika/basil and sea salt or any dry spice. As soon as the top of the fillet is beginning to grey (white meat), flip that puppy and put on high heat to cook through. Its good to cut the fillets with scissors on the pan to make medallions that will cook through quicker after you’ve seared the outside.
    You can pour your sauce into this and warm it as you begin the pasta. Al dente style pasta isn’t too hard with some practice.
    Just have enough water to submerge the pasta of choice and bring water to a long boil by putting 1-2 tblsps of salt in the pot and stirring to get boil.

    Have fun and experiment!
    Currently learning some baking, and making chops in the pan for my girl. Great way to save money.

  2. Ammas11 says

    Why the hell would you go into a Gamestop? Go to a retailer which doesnt rob publishers and abuse their customers. Or better yet be a real gamer and get your stuff off Steam.

  3. Kingballs says

    a dude once ate 9 plates of alfredo pasta during the never ending pasta bowl at olive garden… all with an italian sauasage on top of each plate. that with 7 refills of coke and a tirimisu to top it off. it was hard for me to eat anything after i got off of my shift.

  4. cric says

    Really funny postgame.
    Just commenting cause cute female Gamestop employees were mentioned. I think it’s a marketing ploy to find the rare hot gamer chick and get them to work selling games because all our Gamestops here have them too.
    Just throwing a conspiracy out there. d:

  5. erinbishop says

    Ah, Ana being nerdy, and not even explaining it well, just makes you seem more nerdy. I think you are thinking about being nerdy and it’s causing you to be awkward.


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