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    I’m really worried about the nerd channel. Most websites and junk just have some hot chick that knows nothing about nerd culture or technology. I’m not saying she knows nothing, but you’ll need to know a lot to compete with all the other billion video game channels and podcats. And make it real fun and short in a way to keep people interested. I’m sort of in the video game business. If you need my help, e-mail me :D

    As for G4, that was the only TV gaming channel, but they had a website. The TV channel was a joke. It went downhill very fast by removing all gaming shows except X-Play and Attack of the Show. And Attack of the Show was hardly gaming. After Adam Sessler left, who was the editor in chief for the website and the main host for their awesome podcast, was completely done. Blair Herder and Jessica Chobot (ewww) tried to take over and failed miserably.

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      And if TYT reports REAL news outside the TV Media bias, you will have to do the same with the game media bias. Huge known point is with Call of Duty. The game hasn’t changed in years, yet it received high scored and massive praise because it SELLS well.

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        Most of the content that was on G4 was originally on Tech TV which Comcast acquired. For example Attack of the Show was originally The Screen Savers which launched on ZDTV before it was sold and re-branded as Tech TV, the show in particular was re-branded as Attack of the Show since it was no longer a “tech” show in the sense of how-tos and instead focused more on geek culture. X-Play has been re-branded I believe 4 times and also launched under the ZDTV brand as GameSpot TV.

        The original G4 content wasn’t very good and the line up of included “Cheat!” which had cheat codes and walkthroughs, the majority of their original content was something reminiscent of gaming television from the early to mid 90’s which did create particularly enthralling television.

        I wish that Tech TV (which is still available in Canada) would have stayed the same instead of the bastardized version that G4 turned it into. I was never really a fan of G4 because their content felt like pandering and obviously they had a hard time finding their footing which is why they ended up acquiring Tech TV and continued producing their programming. Though I will say Ninja Warrior was pretty sweet.

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    I like Kim… she seemed really nervous in the first hour, but I’m sure that will pass. I remember when Ana appeared to get really nervous too, and now she’s super cool on air :)

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    The switch to the new web-site happened, now, quite a bit ago. The video player is still a stuttering mess and all the content we once were promised as members and could access on the old web-site still has not been restored. TYT should be evaluating whether this is ever going to do the job they want and consider alternative formats for this section of the web-site.

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    Diamond Bar… what what! Kim & I went to the same schools. Looking thru my yearbooks noticed she was just a year younger than me, but never bumped into each other. Anyway, keep DB on the map! Just like Alex Morgan does!


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